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Matador Coffee

Directly across the street from Maricopa Community College is a small coffee shop called Matador Coffee. They’ve been in business for almost a decade in this same location. They do most of their business during spring nd fall, when students are in classes. The owner recently told me that their business drops off by almost

Nitro from Peixoto Coffee

Nitro coffee has been around a year or so in Phoenix. Suddenly it is popular again, and it seems every shop is getting on the bandwagon. Drinking a nitro cold brew is a bit like drinking a beer, but without the hops. I had a nitro at Peixoto Coffee on Saturday morning and it was

Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets opens in Tempe

There’s a new coffee shop in Tempe, AZ that recently opened called Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets. As you can tell, they’re a coffee shop and a sweets shop. The new coffee shop is serving coffee from Cortez Coffee Company, out of Tempe, AZ. They create all of their sweets from scratch. They make and serve

Maverick Coffee opens in Scottsdale

Just opened in Scottsdale — Maverick Coffee. Founded by two Olympian athletes, the new Maverick Coffee is serving coffee from Ritual Roasters out of San Francisco, CA. Maverick Coffee is the creation from Steven Lewis and Mitchell Watt, two Olympic athletes from opposite sides of the World first bought together by their love of coffee.

Seattle Espresso in Tempe

Have you ever been to Seattle Espresso? It’s one of Arizona’s oldest coffee shops! It has been around since the 1993 and has a location in Tempe, AZ. The coffee shop sells a mix of traditional espresso drinks and blended drinks. They’ll tell you that their White Russian Mocha is their most popular drink. They

Press Coffee in Tempe

Don’t let the fact that the new Press Coffee is located inside an apartment complex fool you. This is a stand-alone coffee shop with its own entrance and parking. And, they’re located directly on Rio Salado Parkway, across the street from the Tempe Center for the Arts. I had a chance this week to visit

North End Coffeehouse

A few weeks ago I put out a call on Twitter asking if anybody knew of any new coffee shops in Yuma. To my surprise and delight someone recommended North End Coffeehouse. I had made plans to head to San Diego for the weekend and knew I needed to stop and get coffee! @SparkTheAgency Thanks

Press Coffee hosting latte art throwdown on May 29th in Tempe

Press Coffee has just announced an upcoming event! They are hosting a latte art throwdown on Friday May 29th. If you’d like to compete, you should arrive and sign up at 6:30 pm (there’s a $5 fee for competitors). The competition will be a head to head bracket style. The best part is that they’re