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Crepe Bar

Have you been to Crepe Bar in Tempe? It’s a coffee shop and crepery combination that is doing a great job with both. I stopped in for the first time on Tuesday morning and ordered a cappuccino and two crepes. They were all azmazing. The cappuccino certainly deserves extra mention as it is among the

Letha Mae’s Bakery & Café

I don’t get down to San Tan Valley that often, but there is a new coffee shop and bakery that has opened. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out! It is called Letha Mae’s Bakery & Cafe and they opened in the summer of 2014. They’ve been working with Tom Maegdlin on

Steve’s Espresso in Tempe

As you walk in to Steve’s Espresso, the words “Live graciously, be kind, have fun” greet you on the front door. Steve’s Espresso is a small coffee shop and cafe/bakery in Tempe, AZ and it has been in business since 2004. The founder is Steven Schmidt, and as you can tell he named the shop

Peixoto Coffee

Right in the middle of downtown Chandler is a new coffee shop named Peixoto Coffee. Pronounced as pay-sho-tow, the family name adorns this coffee shop, which has its grand opening today. You can tell the owners are very proud of the shop, and have put a lot of work into the coffee. Peixoto Coffee is

Peixoto Coffee (a first visit)

Took some time to visit Peixoto Coffee today! It’s a new shop in downtown Chandler. It’s very cool! Chandler can be proud to have this new shop. They grow, roast, and sell coffee from their beautiful shop.

Check out this Seahawks Synesso

Check out this beautiful Synesso espresso machine that Press Coffee is using this week. They are part of the Super Fa nest Super Bowl event. What a beautiful machine, and a beautiful paint job! This setup is ridiculous. @presscoffeeaz representing @DirectTV #SuperFanFest with a decked out @synesso_factory Seahawks machine. #SB49 #coffee #music #art #SuperBowl #Seahawks

Royal Coffee Bar in Tempe

Tempe is really turning into a coffee epicenter. It seems there are more and more coffee shops opening in Tempe, including the just recently opened Royal Coffee Bar. Well, it actually opened last fall. I visited recently because… coffee. And, I really loved my visit! They served me an exceptional cappuccino in a swanky, urban