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Press Coffee Updates Scottsdale Store

Press Coffee has undertaken a major update and rebranding at their Scottsdale Quarter location. They were doing construction for two days last week and reopened with new floors, walls, and equipment. They updated nearly everything in the store and it’s fresh and new. As you can see from my photo, they have new wood paneling

Lo Fi Coffee

Note: Lo Fi Coffee has closed. I had the good pleasure to visit Lo Fi Coffee in Mesa recently. Located on Main Street in the heart of Mesa, Lo Fi is a coffee shop owned and managed by Sam Clark. On the day I arrived, Sam was behind the bar making drinks for customers. In

Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets

Tempe has a lot of really terrific coffee shops. The new Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets in Tempe is a fantastic addition to the line up. The place is huge, too! They have more space than other nearby coffee shops and have capacity for 127 people. Hazelrock Coffee opened up in May, 2015 and occupies the

Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale

Maverick Coffee, the new coffee shop from two Olympic athletes, is now open. Maverick Coffee is a new independent coffee house that is serving Ritual Coffee beans (a popular roaster in San Francisco). The new shop features a pretty big interior layout, and sports lots of comfortable couches. My wife and I, along with our

A couple of coffee shops in St. Louis

I spent the first week of June in St. Louis, MO, and while there I had the chance to visit two coffee shops. When I travel I usually like to try the shops other people recommend, but these ones were a few that I discovered on my own using the Yelp app on my phone.

Matador Coffee

Directly across the street from Maricopa Community College is a small coffee shop called Matador Coffee. They’ve been in business for almost a decade in this same location. They do most of their business during spring nd fall, when students are in classes. The owner recently told me that their business drops off by almost

Nitro from Peixoto Coffee

Nitro coffee has been around a year or so in Phoenix. Suddenly it is popular again, and it seems every shop is getting on the bandwagon. Drinking a nitro cold brew is a bit like drinking a beer, but without the hops. I had a nitro at Peixoto Coffee on Saturday morning and it was

Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets opens in Tempe

There’s a new coffee shop in Tempe, AZ that recently opened called Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets. As you can tell, they’re a coffee shop and a sweets shop. The new coffee shop is serving coffee from Cortez Coffee Company, out of Tempe, AZ. They create all of their sweets from scratch. They make and serve