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Coffee Cocktails

This Sunday, December 21st, at Phoenix Public Market there will be a competition featuring 6 local coffee companies. They’ll be competing to create the best “coffee cocktail drink.” Each company will be preparing coffee and espresso based cocktail drinks for attendees. Ticket info: $7 pre-order through this link. Each ticket is for “6 sensational drinks.”

The Henry Coffee Bar: XV

Over the weekend I discovered The Henry Coffee Bar: XV. I haven’t visited, but check out these photos! What a lovely interior. I take it they’re serving mostly breakfast / lunch options, with a variety of options. They’re one of the few coffee shops in Phoenix that has a “Flat White” on the menu (although I’m

Phoenix Magazine Profiles Valley Coffee Scene

The next time you are in the book store pick up a copy of the December 2014 issue of PHOENIX magazine. This month, they’ve done a terrific job highlighting some great local coffee shops, shared brewing techniques, and interviewed several valley baristas and coffee shop owners. There’s even a panel about Arizona Coffee. The article

Event: December 21st Coffee Cocktail Competition

There’s an upcoming event I’d like to share that is being organized by Mr. Perry Czopp. The event is to be held on December 21, 2014 at Phoenix Public Market in Phoenix, AZ in the evening beginning at 5 pm. The format for this event is different from most of the coffee events held here

Cartel Coffee Lab in Scottsdale

I recently visited Cartel Coffee Lab’s location in Scottsdale, which is a routine stop on most of my visits to Old Town Scottsdale. This place is totally designed for camping. I mean, with your laptop. Most of the time I stop here, there are a half dozen people who look like they’ve been there all afternoon

Sponsor: Press Coffee Roasters

As we step into Thanksgiving week it feels appropriate to give a special shout out to Press Coffee Roasters who are the newest company to sponsor Arizona Coffee. Thanks to Steve, Tram, and the entire crew for supporting this web site! A couple of cool things you may not know about Press Coffee Roasters: They’re

Starbucks Named Best Coffee Shop by Readers of a Popular Arizona Newspaper

The readers choice for “best coffee shop” has been decided and Starbucks takes first prize! 1st place: Starbucks 2nd place: Dutch Bros 3rd Place: Dunkin’ Donuts There were several excellent local coffee shops on the list that people could have chosen, including Cartel Coffee Lab, Sip Coffee, Songbird, Coffee Rush, and Elevate Coffee. It seems

Big Western

Perry Czopp shared this video with me over the weekend. This video, produced by Shaunte Glover and Perry Czopp, is about the Big Western competition event presented by the SCAA and the Barista Guild of America. The event was held in Rancho Mirage, CA in August, 2014. The Big Western event features coffee professionals from practically the whole