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Royal Coffee Bar in Tempe

Tempe is really turning into a coffee epicenter. It seems there are more and more coffee shops opening in Tempe, including the just recently opened Royal Coffee Bar. Well, it actually opened last fall. I visited recently because… coffee. And, I really loved my visit! They served me an exceptional cappuccino in a swanky, urban

MistoBox Web Site

It has been a while since I’ve taken a look at the MistoBox site, and they’ve done some polishing. They recently started offering a new plan called “One” which gets you 1 bag of coffee per-delivery (instead of the usual 3 options, but in smaller bags). In fact, it looks like their entire model is

Local Coffee Trends

I’ve been thinking a bit about coffee trends. Here are a few random thoughts for you. 1. Will more coffee shops ditch food? I found it fascinating that Echo Coffee has suspended all of their lunch options, except for pastries and muffins. They just didn’t make enough money from food sales to cover the costs.

Coffee Cocktail

Perry Czopp emailed me a couple of photos from the PHX Cocktails event he organized. The event was held last week in Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market, and featured a half dozen local coffee companies. Each company prepared a unique cocktail drink, that had coffee as the “secret ingredient.” Speaking of secret ingredients, who

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! It has been a really busy couple of weeks for me. This morning I have been drinking this Ethiopian Yergacheffe from Press Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Cocktails

This Sunday, December 21st, at Phoenix Public Market there will be a competition featuring 6 local coffee companies. They’ll be competing to create the best “coffee cocktail drink.” Each company will be preparing coffee and espresso based cocktail drinks for attendees. Ticket info: $7 pre-order through this link. Each ticket is for “6 sensational drinks.”

The Henry Coffee Bar: XV

Over the weekend I discovered The Henry Coffee Bar: XV. I haven’t visited, but check out these photos! What a lovely interior. I take it they’re serving mostly breakfast / lunch options, with a variety of options. They’re one of the few coffee shops in Phoenix that has a “Flat White” on the menu (although I’m

Phoenix Magazine Profiles Valley Coffee Scene

The next time you are in the book store pick up a copy of the December 2014 issue of PHOENIX magazine. This month, they’ve done a terrific job highlighting some great local coffee shops, shared brewing techniques, and interviewed several valley baristas and coffee shop owners. There’s even a panel about Arizona Coffee. The article