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Matador Coffee Roasting Co.

August 10, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Just got this email from Mario at Matador Coffee Roasting Co.

Hey Everybody, Matador Coffee Roasting Co. Is now open to the public for free tastings and retail coffee sales. Stop by our roaster @ 7302 E Helm Dr. #1002 in the Scottsdale Air park and sample some of our freshly roasted coffees and espressos. And don’t forget to pick up some beans for home. We’re open Thursday-Saturday 10:00-1:00.


August 9, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Check out this Wine Library TV site. It’s not really my expertise but I love the way the guy does his videos. I don’t know how people describe things the way he does. It must take a lot of practice. Someone needs to start doing videos like this showing coffee tastings.


August 8, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Where are the coffee shops in Sedona? I don’t know of a single coffee house serving up good coffee in or near Sedona. What’s up with that?

August 12th in Tucson

August 7, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

On Saturday, August 12th, the folks at Elixer Coffee Solutions in Oro Valley, AZ are going to have their 3rd birthday and they’ve invited everyone to a little party. If you click here you can see and read the invitation. Congratulations to Renee and gang on 3 years!

Elixer Coffee Solutions
10661 N. Oracle Road in front of the Fry’s Food & Drug Store

Backgammon Tournament at Steve’s Espresso

August 6, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Just got this email from Steve’s Espresso:

Hello Everyone,

Stop by, have a coffee, and play some backgammon.

We’ll be hosting a backgammon tournament on Monday Night August 14 from 6:30 – 10:00 pm.

First prize: $25 Gift Certificate
Second and Third Prizes: $10 Gift Certificate

Please reply to this email or sign up at the shop if you would like to play. Also, let us know if you have a backgammon set that we can use during the tournament.

Hope to see you there,



August 6, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

I was curious if anybody could offer a recommendation. I have a friend and occasionally some types of coffee cause him to get headaches. Has anybody run across this before? It’s not like a one time thing, either. He can drink the same coffee days later and get a headache again. Weird.

Coffee Shop Business

August 5, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

What’s the hardest thing about running and owning a coffee shop?

Sidebar: Photos

August 5, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Need photos for your marketing materials? Look no further than two great free photo sites. First try Stock Xchange which allows you to download high resolution images (once you register) and Photocase which is in Germany and allows you to register and download up to 3 images a day for free.

Inza August

August 4, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Just went to the Refresh Phoenix meeting this week and had this latte at Inza Coffee (Scottsdale).


August 4, 2006Posted by Chris Tingom

Just had a great visit to Coffee Rush in Gilbert last night. Just wanted to say they’re doing some awesome stuff.