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The Coffee Shop, In Gilbert

December 13, 2006 Posted by Brian Sheahan Filed under Uncategorized

This review & photos were submitted by Brian Sheahan. Thanks Brian! — Chris

the-coffee-shopAs one of the fastest-growing towns in the country, one has come to expect quick fixes to the shortage of coffee houses in Gilbert, leaving us all with bitter, under-extracted, over-expected espresso, covered up in a hefty helping of sugary sweetness. Yet in the midst of the hustle and bustle associated with building great cities and towns, there is a tranquil corner in this rapidly growing community located on Ray Road between Greenfield and Higley roads. Agritopia promises prospective homebuyers a timeless, front-porch, white- picket-fence neighborhood with grocers, schools and restaurants all in walking distance centered in an urban farm – altogether given in a manner nostalgic only to those of the baby-boomer generation (I keep waiting for something more natural to occur, like a Wal-Mart to go up on the corner – but it only gets better).

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The Coffee Shop offers something less traditional, yet highly sought after; an upscale atmosphere coupled with quality caffeinated beverages and fresh foods. I have seen far too few coffee houses that can offer both a resort-like feel with plush patio furnishings, discrete lighting, and separate sitting areas for eating and socializing, while not compromising the quality of their bean with its all-important process of extraction.

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

As you enter through the front doors, a purposeful collection of dining tables await you; whether it be munching on some tasty breakfast items made fresh on the premises, enjoying one of the many items on the PM Pastries or lunch menu, or just enjoying the Open Access Point Wi-Fi Internet. Going a bit deeper into the room, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a warm and inviting sitting area with couches and armchairs. The computer users generally occupy this portion of the building, surrounding the provided electrical outlets. Just outside the back doors is an oasis of tables and lounge chairs amidst a beautifully and meticulously maintained garden of flowers and greenery. This coffee house’s environment alone is worth the experience.

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The drinks offered on their menu shows that they prefer pouring a good quality demitasse of espresso to chocking your drink full of sugar. Nevertheless, they do prepare a fair listing of sweet drinks as well. On my first visit, Jenna prepared a triple Vanilla Latte for me, and she was present and behind the bar on my second visit when I enjoyed one of the best-made Americanos I’ve had. She prepared the drink with Cubano shots and a spot of cream: It was most delicious! One thing that stood out was that as overwhelmed as I was with what to choose (I’m the type that usually gets “the usual”), they were not only patient with me, but also willing to offer alternatives that weren’t on the menu. They were very much intent on satisfying my espresso pallet.

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

I work pretty early hours. Leaving Queen Creek at 5 a.m. to get into Phoenix by 6 a.m. requires a coffee house on my route to be open and ready to serve by 5:30. I was quite sad one day to discover that they don’t open their doors for business until 6 a.m. They are also closed on Sundays, which doesn’t bother me too much, as I am a loud advocate for at least one day a week being devoted to family and rest. And being that this house is family owned and operated, that makes for a pretty sparse staff on Sundays. I suppose I’m just used to coffee houses having nearly round-the-clock operating hours.

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

With all being said and done, the bottom of the mug for me is a pleasant place to be when at The Coffee Shop. A wider variety of hours and more electrical outlets at the dining table area would be a nice touch to an otherwise perfect coffee house experience. The Open Access Point WiFi and warm, friendly staff coupled with outrageously delicious and perfectly prepared espresso make this the ideal place for a relaxing cup of your favorite drink while visiting with your friends, reading a book, getting plugged in or to just enjoy the beautifully architected landscaping and garden.

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The Coffee Shop Gilbert AZ

The Coffee Shop

¼ mile west of Higley Rd on the North side of Ray Rd., Gilbert, Arizona. (View a Map)

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Brian Sheahan is a Veteran and rare Arizona native who has enjoyed fine espresso across the nation while serving in the Marine Corps — after first honing his espresso tastes as a barista for coffee houses around the Valley. He has long enjoyed coffee and espresso since they first drew themselves to him nearly 15 years ago.


  1. 8:03 pm // December 12, 2006

    Chris Tingom says:

    Brian, this is an amazing review. It’s one of the best. The photos really help to communicate how cool this place really is. I’m planning to make a trip out to visit sometime soon. It looks that cool. I also really love their logo. At one point I rather thought that their name was a bit generic, but after realizing that it’s in such an interesting community I think it fits in perfectly. Thanks again!

  2. 10:25 am // December 13, 2006

    TOMAS says:

    Hey Brian, I too think that you did an excellent job on the write-up – nice attention to detail! Just reading the article makes me want to head over there and fire up the laptop. :)

  3. 10:26 am // December 13, 2006

    Karen m. says:

    how cute is that logo! thanks for a great review. love that area over there so i’ll have to stop in.

  4. 10:35 am // December 13, 2006

    Steve Kessler says:

    Brian…! Great job on your write-up. I’ve been to this place several times and I think you captured the feel very well.

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  6. 4:38 pm // December 13, 2006

    Brian Sheahan says:

    Thanks, guys. I love writing and love coffee even more – your comments really made my day!


  7. 10:45 am // December 14, 2006

    Tana Schott says:

    As a fellow writer and espresso enthusiast, kudos to you on your article. Well done! The photos are fantastic, as they really do give a good feel for the environment, making me want to pack my bags, leave rainy Seattle and park myself right there on their patio with my journal. But alas, I am starting a company and I cannot leave. But! When I do come down for my next visit, you must take me to “The Coffee Shop”. Love it!

  8. 10:39 pm // December 17, 2006

    albert says:

    I really wanted to visit the coffee shop, but on the article there’s no address or phone number… I just moved to the phoenix area and I google places in order not to get lost. If anybody knows the address that will be great .Thx
    The map link is kinda not working, it does not display the exact address, thx.

  9. 9:29 pm // December 18, 2006

    Courtney says:

    This is a great article!! I work there, and it makes me happy to see all the wonderful comments left!! I’m very lucky to be a part of The Coffee Shop…the pictures are so great! Thank you!

  10. 9:39 pm // December 18, 2006

    Brian Sheahan says:


    Terribly sorry, Friend! Address below can also be found on the Agritopia link Chris put on the form at the bottom:

    The Coffee Shop
    3000 East Ray Road, Building #2
    Gilbert, Arizona 85296
    (480) 279-3144

    Enjoy! And please tell them you heard of them from!!

  11. 7:39 am // December 19, 2006

    Chris Tingom says:

    Thanks for stopping by the site Courtney, be sure to tell your friends about!

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    devCAMP says:

    Review – The Coffee Shop, Gilbert, Arizona…

    As one of the fastest-growing towns in the country, one has come to expect quick fixes to the shortage of coffee houses in Gilbert, leaving us all with bitter, under-extracted, over-expected espresso, covered up in a hefty helping of sugary sweetness. …

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  16. 12:41 pm // October 9, 2007

    Sandi says:

    This is the greatest place.. I just love having meetings here and the service, atmosphere, treats, and coffee are just the greatest! Being from the coffee capitol of the world (Washington State)… it is so pleasing to find a place that really shows what a Washington Coffee House is like.. Starbucks is not it! It’s just so pleasing to find a touch of home!

  17. 9:34 am // November 13, 2007

    Eve says:

    Hi, Brian … I also loooove the pictures and the write-up. I am looking forward to a “get-together” with a bunch of friends on 11/24 from 1:00 – 3:00. It looks very European! (I wish there were a way to make the following smaaaaalll, but here it goes … as a friend, unless it is something new, fix the word Friday under Hours of Operation. We want you to be all perfect and “stuff”.) See you in a couple of weeks :)

  18. 7:18 pm // December 18, 2007

    Neil says:

    Great Staff. Great Coffee. Great Baked Goods. Love the Setting.

  19. 10:36 am // December 28, 2007

    isaacw says:

    This place seriously rocks – especially for Gilbert. Don’t forget Fish Taco Fridays and breakfast burritos on Saturday. Yummm…

    Oh and if you like cigars, stop by on Friday night with your favorite stogies.

  20. 7:38 pm // January 2, 2008

    Moppy and Poppy says:

    We love the Coffee Shop because we know how much the family have put their heart into making it a place people enjoy. Our favorite time is when we are visiting and can watch our Grandkids help by perhaps pruning some of their Grandpas’ roses in the beautiful outside garden. Hope you keep making those great burritos (our favorite!)

  21. 9:58 am // February 14, 2008

    Carolyn says:

    I am not a coffee drinker but the food they cook there is to die for. I lOVE CRAB CAKE THURSDAY – you have not tasted crab cakes like this before. I just called in my order for today – they sell out fast.

  22. 8:47 pm // February 28, 2008

    Ducati Dave says:

    If I had the vision, this is the place I would build! Absolutely beautiful. Great coffee, great food (my wife is hooked on the Banana pie, and I am hooked on the amazing peanut butter scones) and great service backed up with ridiculous attention to detail. For me, a dream come true – and it’s just a mile from home. Jackpot!

  23. 11:07 pm // April 12, 2008

    Disappointed says:

    The coffee is awful. It’s a beautiful place and nice to hang out but everything is over priced and not as good as you would expect considering the hype.

  24. 11:48 am // May 16, 2008

    Craig says:

    They are now open on Sunday’s… 8AM to 4PM

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    [...] I love Starbucks as much as the next person. They have a great thing going. But I also frequent a few other local mom&pop places like The Coffee Shop, which (dare I say) I love waaaay more than Starbucks. (If you are ever in AZ, I will treat you to a wonderful blend of java and a hearty helping of coffee house atmosphere unlike any other – at least in AZ). I’m also a big fan of most of the roasts at Trader Joe’s, when we brew at home. And as a busy mom that rarely gets to finish a hot cup of joe, I’m not above nuking it much later in the morning. [...]

  26. 10:49 am // December 21, 2008

    Marcie says:

    Question: Is this part of Joe’s Farm Grill so that you can use your gift card?

  27. 8:15 pm // December 21, 2008

    austin says:

    Nope it is not. Different owners. Liberty Market is the same owner as Joes Farm Grill, but I would be surprised if the cards were exchangeable

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  29. 4:33 pm // February 25, 2010

    Giovanna Mandel says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Coffee Place. We just recently bought a second home in Agritopia and I love taking a walk over there with my newspaper and enjoying the morning. The pastries and treats are wonderful too!

  30. 8:50 pm // March 24, 2010

    Chris Pace says:

    Just FYI everyone, you can visit the all new website for The Coffee Shop by going to

    Menu, directions, photo gallery of the amazing baked goods, and of course follow us on Twitter @thecoffeeshopaz and on Facebook!

  31. 2:04 pm // July 24, 2010

    Erica says:

    These are the best cupcakes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my first one today and I can say that these are way better than sprinkles cupcakes.

  32. 4:07 pm // February 20, 2011

    barbara costello says:

    We live in Dublin Ireland and our son Ken Costello his wife Julie daughter Bailey and son Declan all live in Gilbert. We will be over with them in June this year and we look forward to having coffee and cupcakes with you . We have just seen you on the ” cupcake wars ” congratulations on the win. See you in June Barbara Costello.

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