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New coffee shop opened because it was “better than any other idea” for empty space

September 29, 2010 Posted by Chris Tingom Filed under Uncategorized

Sam Matatov is opening a new coffee shop in Cave Creek alongside his wife’s barber shop / salon. When asked by the newspaper why he was opening the shop, he answered “coffee was better than any other idea I had.” The new shop is named The Village Coffee Shop.

Prediction: The folks at Village Coffee, a fine establishment in Scottsdale, ask him to change his company name.

The Village Coffee Shop
7100 E. Cave Creek Road
Building R-4
Suite 134
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Phone: (480) 488-3929


  1. 7:21 pm // September 29, 2010

    steve says:

    I’m going to 2nd that prediction…..OR they may capitalize on it.

  2. 5:34 am // October 4, 2010

    Jason Duncan says:


  3. 1:14 pm // October 5, 2010

    ron cortez says:

    In one word: Passion.

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