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My thoughts on National Coffee Day

September 29, 2011Posted by Chris Tingom

I think I’m supposed to say something about National Coffee Day. Isn’t every day a coffee day? Why today? What makes today special?

Why not a Monday morning? One of those days when it’s raining, you left the windows open on your car last night, and you have a 8:00 am meeting and woke up late. That’s a coffee day.

And, if it were that significant, Google would have a custom logo — and they do not.

Arizona Baristas: Show us your best latte art

September 28, 2011Posted by Chris Tingom

Calling all Arizona baristas: show us your best latte artwork.

Send in a photo, and I’ll do a post here sharing all of them. This isn’t a competition, just a fun show-and-tell experience. If it works out, maybe we’ll have an online contest for Arizona baristas in the future.

Send your best latte art photo to (or tweet it to @arizonacoffee or post on the Arizona Coffee Facebook wall) and include any notes, your name, and where you work.

Jobs: Service Techs at Service Associates

September 27, 2011Posted by Chris Tingom

Arizona Coffee sponsor Service Associates is hiring in Tucson and Phoenix. They’re looking for service techs to install and repair coffee and espresso equipment. Get in touch if you are interested, and ask for Stephen Bourque.

Beer at Cartel, a good thing?

September 27, 2011Posted by Chris Tingom

What do you think? Will adding beer make Cartel Coffee Lab a better place? Apparently they rented the suite next door to the Tempe location so they’ll have more room (that’s cool).