I just got an email from Greg Janssen, who owns Creative Cappuccino, letting me know about his new barista training company called Best Barista Training. They’re geared more towards the basics.

Greg says they’re for the extreme novice, or the home coffee enthusiast who wants to learn more. Looks like a great resource for someone wanting to break into the coffee industry or learn to operate equipment.

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  1. Elyse

    Hi, I am a local in Phoenix that is looking to eventually start a small restaurant/coffee shop of my own. i have a degree in the management and food side of things and have worked in several environments, but I would love to know more about coffee and the creative process of it since that is one thing I lack.
    I am wondering if there are classes in the valley periodically that are just about coffee.


    • Cartel Coffee just announced a $15 Brewing Class Starting March 29. Call them, perhaps.