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Beer at Cartel, a good thing?

September 27, 2011 Posted by Chris Tingom Filed under Tempe

What do you think? Will adding beer make Cartel Coffee Lab a better place? Apparently they rented the suite next door to the Tempe location so they’ll have more room (that’s cool).


  1. 7:16 am // September 27, 2011

    Artur says:

    I think it’s a novel idea, but it depends on how it is executed: If it’s well integrated visually etc. and interesting (good beers) and presentation.

  2. 8:44 am // September 27, 2011

    Victor says:

    Lots of hurdles to overcome, I’d imagine, but what a great idea. If the beer’s good Jason will be seeing me more often (whether he likes it or not :)

  3. 9:07 pm // October 22, 2011

    David says:

    I think its awesome; Backspace in Portland and Nostalgia in Salt Lake City do this really well and make it easy to coffee fiends to hang out with their beer fiend friends.

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