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Jonathan’s Card Viral Marketing Campaign

August 10, 2011 Posted by Chris Tingom Filed under Coffee

The other day, you may have spotted a clever little site called ‘Jonathan’s Card’ at

It turns out, it’s a marketing campaign from Starbucks (despite many claims to the contrary). Anyways, thought you all would want to know. Kudos to Brian Clemens for the tip.


  1. 9:20 am // August 10, 2011

    Jason says:

  2. 10:57 am // August 10, 2011

    Chris Tingom says:


  3. 3:44 pm // August 10, 2011

    austinmiles says:

    I don’t know. I would like to think that this is not just some viral campaign. Also people can’t just delete google cache stuff can they?

  4. 6:01 pm // August 10, 2011

    Psyd says:

    Buy cups. But a French Press. Buy one of their espresso machines. Buy Frapppuccinos (yeah the coffee sucks, but the chocolate is kinda cheesy and wonderful).
    If I had a phone that would do it, I’d make them realize what a mistake that is in short order.

  5. 6:01 pm // August 10, 2011

    Chris Tingom says:

    I thought the same thing, Austin, but I am pretty sure you can from the Web consol that Google gives you if you authenticate your site.

  6. 12:31 pm // August 11, 2011

    Chris Tingom says:

    So, to update it sounds like it is NOT a marketing campaign by Starbucks, but there were some strange connections the creator of that campaign had to the company through his work / colleagues.

  7. 12:32 pm // August 12, 2011

    Matthew Petro says:

    This whole campaign seems weird. If Jonathan Stark had just owned up to the connection between himself and Starbucks, however thin and unrelated to the campaign it may have been, it would have worked out better. Making it look kinda shady does nothing for his efforts, whether they were legit or concocted by Starbucks.

  8. 4:40 pm // August 12, 2011

    Psyd says:
    Seriously? We’re to expect , “Nuh-unh!’ as a response?
    With this, “In case it wasn’t obvious from the complete lack of design, this site is totally not affiliated with Starbucks” as the very first thing that shows up on his card’s page? Does anyone want to help Jonathan out on the definition of ‘totally’, or is he just a fourteen year old girl from the Valley (no, the other Valley) disguised as a marketing executive?
    Hey, it was an ingenious … no, make that disingenuous plan. They’re busted.
    Say what you want about $*’ coffee, but they have fruit drinks, and pies and scones.
    I’m gonna do things to that card that you can’t show n the newspaper.

  9. 2:56 pm // August 13, 2011

    Chris Tingom says:

    Apparently *$ shut down the card.

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