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Higher Grounds Roastery and Cafe opens in Gilbert

May 4, 2013 Posted by Chris Tingom Filed under Gilbert

There’s a new coffee roaster and cafe in Gilbert, AZ. It’s called Higher Grounds Roastery and Cafe and it is located at 2556 S. Val Vista Drive.


Higher Grounds Roastery and Cafe
2556 S. Val Vista Drive
Ste 101
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone: (480) 821-7020
Twitter: @hgroastery


  1. 11:24 am // May 5, 2013

    Ron Cortez says:

    Just went thru there photo gallery. It feels so good to see a brand new coffee house with the desire (and the budget) to do the right thing. Welcome to the Valley of the sun and kudos for starting roasting your own beans. Please become part of the coffee community as we do not grow as a whole by keeing isolated from the rest.

  2. 7:44 am // May 6, 2013

    steve says:

    I think Ron said it best!!! Welcome!!

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