About Arizona Coffee

Chris TingomArizona Coffee exists to spread the word about independent coffee shops in Arizona. More often than not I end up at a coffee house on a Saturday afternoon and the best thing in the world is good atmosphere, and good coffee. A review can mean anything between a brief visit and opinion to a full blown analysis of a shops coffee quality and preparation techniques.

I launched Arizona Coffee in March 2005 and since then traffic has grown significantly. It is now the most popular resource about coffee in Arizona. The site is visited by the coffee community in Phoenix, and is the best place to stay current on everything in the coffee community. The web site is the only place to get a complete list of coffee shops and coffee roasters in Arizona.

About Chris Tingom

I am a 32 year old web designer / developer living in Scottsdale with my wife and new baby. I own my own business, a web design company called Tornado. I’m also the founder of Minuteglass (a time tracking application).

If I visit your coffee shop for the first time, I’ll probably order a cappuccino. In the summertime I might try an iced coffee (toddy). My wife loves mochas and iced coffee.

You can follow me on Twitter at @christingom or @arizonacoffee and “like” Arizona Coffee on Facebook.

Arizona Coffee in the media

Arizona Coffee has been seen in The Scottsdale Times, Images AZ Magazine, The Arizona Republic (multiple times), Phoenix New Times, Barista Magazine, and heard on KFYI 550 AM.

A few of my plans for expanding Arizona Coffee include:

  1. Interviews with people in the industry — coffee house owners, coffee roasters and these will be both audio and written
  2. Guides for making great coffee — coffee terminology, equipment reviews
  3. Maps — showing coffee shops on a Google Map (see arizonacoffeemap.com)
  4. Email Newsletter
  5. Sponsors — I value the support of my sponsors
  6. Contributors — Several folks have already contributed to the site and I’m looking for more help
  7. Rankings — I’d like to come up with something like Ranking Arizona Coffee in which we award prizes to certain coffee houses for “Best” in a category
  8. News — More coffee industry news from outside AZ
  9. Travelling info –Links to other sites like Arizona Coffee that might be handy when you travel
  10. Arizona Coffee Business Cards — Just something to hand out and leave on coffee shop poster boards
  11. Community — The coffee industry has a great community and I’d like to bring that online to Arizona Coffee

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