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51 West

I had a meeting in Tempe recently and afterwords I stopped in to visit 51 West. Think of 51 West as half music venue and half coffee shop. I stopped in around 2 pm, and the place was empty except for a few customers that wandered in over the next hour. I sat down at

Tempe Coffee Shops

Where are the best coffee shops in Tempe? In recent years the number of coffee shops in Tempe has exploded! There are lots of new entrants to the market. I thought I would provide a quick summary of the new and old coffee shops. Cartel Coffee Lab 225 W University Dr #101, Tempe, AZ 85281

King Coffee

The other day I was having a business lunch at Thai Elephant in Tempe and decided to get coffee after my meeting. I had heard about this new coffee shop called King Coffee and decided to check it out! King Coffee is a micro-coffee shop located on Mill Ave. just across the street from Gammage

Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets

Tempe has a lot of really terrific coffee shops. The new Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets in Tempe is a fantastic addition to the line up. The place is huge, too! They have more space than other nearby coffee shops and have capacity for 127 people. Hazelrock Coffee opened up in May, 2015 and occupies the