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Black River Coffee

A light-medium roast coffee with lots of bold flavors. Could be a good daily drinker, as it’s smooth and nutty. Almost a walnut taste, perhaps.

Sonoita Coffee Roasters

I had a conversation with Ben de la Garza and Taylor Benjamin de la Garza (brothers) from Sonoita Coffee Roasters a few weeks ago and came away with these interesting tidbits. The company officially began in 2016, and was acquired by Ben and his wife Jessica in 2018 The founder of the company began roasting as

Loving Labor Coffee Co.

This week, I have been drinking coffee from Loving Labor Coffee Co., a coffee roaster based in the Tucson area. They are fairly new, and sent me a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to try. This coffee is really good, and smooth, with all of the rich strong flavors I’ve come to love in a good Yirgacheffe.

Dark Skies in Bali, Barrel aged Coffee Beans

I’ve been drinking this coffee every day this week from Ground Control in Litchfield Park. Very good and highly suggested. Medium roasted Indonesian coffee with a very smooth taste. This coffee is barrel aged which is definitely unique, as you don’t see that very often. Berry and citrus flavors, a bit of a smoky flavor.

Blue House Coffee’s Cold Brew Delivery

Want cold brew coffee delivered to your door? Check out Blue House Coffee and their local delivery service. Really great tasting and nice smooth cold brew. Blue House Coffee started in 2012 and they’ve expended to delivery for both coffee beans and cold-brew. Very good, and I’m a big fan! Good for home, and office,

How you can support your local coffee shops and roasters

All local coffee shops in Arizona are currently handling a crisis like no other. How can you support your local coffee house or coffee roaster this year? Here are a few ways. Order take out. Many coffee shops are offering curbside pick up of coffee drinks and food… just give them a phone call, and

People in Coffee: Lost Dutchman Coffee

Today, I’m pleased to bring you this interview with Victor Kessler, the owner and operator at Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters. Victor manages both a coffee roasting company, and a coffee shop in Mesa. I’ve known Victor Kessler since 2007 when we met at a barista jam down in Tucson. Enjoy! Your Background Q. What sparked