“Behind that morning cup of coffee, there are 140 liters of water that was consumed to grow, produce, package and ship the beans.”

Source: Scientist who invented “virtual water” wins prize

Arizona Coffee

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  1. This seems like the kind of comment that would encourage people to QUIT drinking coffee! Not sure why you’d want to post it here……

  2. MuchoLOL.com chris!

    Marlene it would be worth noting what a waste that would be to grow coffee in AZ, but coffee grows in areas where it rains a ton.

    The panama canal is filled with 52,000,000 gallons of fresh rainwater every time a single ship to passes through it. Makes coffee look like a drop in the bucket.

  3. When I first read that, I thought it was 140 GALLONS of water used per pound of coffee, not LITERS, and was going to quit the whole coffee thing and start a movement or something. I’m was relieved to see it’s only 140 liters.

  4. Yeah, read the article because it has one other example which is a hamburger. Coffee is actually not that bad.

  5. Victor, 140 gallons per lb would be good. But its 140 liters / CUP of coffee. and not grinds) Still, it is natural rainfall, and thats okay.

  6. Okay, I really messed it up (need a bigger monitor, glasses, or maybe even a brain). 140 liters per cup? That’s it. I’m starting up an activist group.

    Seriously, yeah. Most of that’s rainfall anyway which is recyled back into the environment. Even if it was used to water coffee trees in Arizona, most of the water would just go down to the huge underground water table.

    I wonder how much water a cow has to drink to produce a gallon of milk………….or how much hay does she need to eat to produce a pound of hamburger……..

  7. Ahhh statistics. Ever so interesting, and ever so useless. As soon as our forefathers moved off the farm, costs of production (like water) have been reaching new heights.

    How did YouTube serve that video without catastrophic system failure?

  8. I’m sure this is a great thread and all, but let’s not forget the fact that Rick Roll is back!!!!!! Chris, I lost it when it popped on. Thanks, I needed that.