Here’s a video of a coffee pot with an expensive price tag!

Not sure about you, but that’s not really in my coffee budget.

The One Limited has a “proportional integral derivative feedback control loop,” (monitored by an Arduino, naturally) which controls the temperature of the water throughout the brewing process. Blossom president Jeremy Kuempel explains this technology as “a fancy way of saying we measure the temperature of the coffee while it brews and we use heating elements to correct that temperature to whatever [the user] has set it to be.”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. steve

    I liked it Seth….good post. Also….I think there is handful of coffee shops that could actually afford such a machine….I can assure that I’d be more inclined to drop 11k towards the purchase of a new spro machine before I do that…..or buy some really amazing coffee.

  2. Great article Seth. During the years there has been a ton of new and technologically advance machines that control coffee brewing quite well. We have seen them all here at this site, so far they just cannot get even close to a good barista pouring you a cup of coffee right infront of your eyes. It does put the burdon on the barista to explain a customer why they can do a better job than a machine. Is very important to promote education among baristas if you want to get to that level. I can see somebody making an 11k investment on something that may increase your sales but to hold weekly meetings between your staff and your local coffee roaster is free, that will get you more results. Thank you for the lesson.