Jason Haeger just wrote from Texas to pass on news of the 2008 SWRBC:

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to inform you of the latest. The 2008 SWRBC will be held in Austin, TX in tandem with the SCRBC from October 31 through November 1. No word on the exact location yet.

The official machine sponsor for the WBC this season is Nuova Simonelli, which means they’ll be competing with Aurelia machines.

Mahlkonig is the grinder sponsor, and they will be running K30 doserless grinders, and K30 duals.

Take care,

Jason Haeger

Thanks for passing that along.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I wonder where Franke is with their LM machines; not that Simonelli isn’t worthy by any means, as they are superb. Just wondering. It seems like Franke is less willing to sponser lately for what are likely to be relatively smaller events than they were in the past.

  2. THE NS Aurelia is the official WBC Machine this year, so the smaller comps would use the same machine, I’d guess, if they can. I’d also guess that NS would see to it that they can.
    Someone that is fairly well placed in the SCAA suggested that the machines used depends on the sponsors. Bigger check takes precedence. I’d suggest that the machine probably needs to fill some minimum requirement, but after that, it’s akin to a sponsors auction. Franke is taking a bit of a perceptual beating lately, and I’m guessing that this isn’t helping.
    Anyhoo, Jason, if I come to Austin to volunteer, can I crash on your couch? Oh, and we must, absolutely, make a day to go to Lockhart for Kreuze’ Market barbecue.