Some fascinating coffee spending statistics worth taking a look at.

Do people from Phoenix really spend more money on coffee than San Francisco residents?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. What is particularly interesting about this is that Phoenix is the 4th largest per capita consumer of coffee according to mint. And yet we have a fairly bad market for coffee.

  2. Psyd

    If you have more people per capita already drinking coffee, the motivation to up your game isn’t really there (with the notable exception of a handful of statistical outliers mentioned here often).
    Say whatever you will about the PMA, but the old joke, “What’s the difference between yoghurt and Phoenix?” has it’s roots in some truth.

  3. I can’t agree with Austin more, we have a fairly bad market for coffee. San Francisco is on the cutting edge along with Portland as far as third wave coffee shops. I will be the first to say what is wrong in Phoenix is NOT bad product, it’s that owners of their respective shops don’t give a shit about quality control and consistency. I wouldn’t mind visiting half of the shops in Phoenix if I were guaranteed a certain barista would be working, but this is never the case; the one knowledgeable barista works mornings and the place might as well be run by burger king employees asking “do you want fries with that” the rest of the time.

    Commitment to training, education, and continual coaching is what is needed in this valley. If those things don’t come, these shops who do great business but have mediocre consistency will continue to be a gathering place for people a.k.a. a wi-fi shop, but will never be recognized in my eyes as a coffee house.