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  1. I’d love to make it up to one of the comps, but I’m not sure that I can compete with some of the etchings here. All I got is:

    and for Halloween:

    And my recent new tack:

  2. Todd

    Wow! These are very impressive!! I’ll have to make a trip out to see you one of these weekends and get some pics for Chris for the site!

  3. Realize that those are the ones that prompted me to go get the camera, too. I got an amazing chicken today, but I wished I’d gotten the swan that I was trying for. I’m working on some new frothing techniques, and it’s frustrating when the micro-foam just won’t co-operate.
    Todd, I’m hoping to make it to one or the other of the upcoming comps. I have to make it in time to get some practice on the machinery, and then have a place to crash. I cna’t really afford to blow a c-note on a decent place to stay in Phoenix for a latte art comp. My niece recently moved there from Seattle, so…
    I dunno, maybe after a coupla hours of latte art consumption, I’ll *need* the drive back to Tucson!
    I’ll get with Jason, and see if maybe a Tucson Contingent wants to carpool up to the next one.