Village Coffee is only about 10 minutes from my home and I stopped in a few times in November. Village Coffee is the oldest coffee shop in the metro Phoenix area (opened in 1996 by Craig Sellmen).

I appreciate Village Coffee for what it is: A coffee roastery (and one of the few in Scottsdale, I think) that has a sweet interior vibe, excellent food, and decent coffee. On weekends I’ve been working on a side project and lately I’ve been working on my laptop for hours on end. I’ve found the wireless internet at Village Coffee to be quite steady. So if that’s what you’re looking for I’d suggest it.

Back to the coffee… I say decent because I don’t like the way they froth milk (I’m really picky about it, and demand nice microfoam).

Village Coffee Roastery
8120 N. Hayden Rd.
Suite E104
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 905-0881
Twitter: @VillageCoffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. John

    I am not sure how accurate this might be, but wouldn’t the ‘milk’ be decent and the coffee itself be great?

    I’ve been going to Village Coffee for several years and they have always cupped consistently excellent espresso.

  2. While I agree with you that good microfoam is important for judging a latte (and it can be inconsistent there), you really can’t judge a coffee shop by “The Big Gulp of Coffee”, the latte.

    Next time you’re there, try an espresso shot. They are very consistent.

  3. Todd

    I don’t know that I agree with Mark here. If a latte is ‘The Big Gulp of Coffee’ ie – the most popular coffee drink ordered – wouldn’t it make sense to order the most common item and compare it with the latte offerings from other shops? Personally I always order a cappu when I visit a new shop because the barista and shop has to get everything right – espresso and milk both have to be great because the two components balance each other perfectly. If there is a problem with either the milk OR with the espresso, a cappuccino and even a latte will both show those issues. Once I have tried the cappu and watch the barista in action to verify their level of skill is sufficient and the quality is in the cup, I’ll branch out and try other drinks – espresso, americano, whatever.

    Chris isn’t commenting on the coffee so much as the skill of the barista or even the level of training at the shop. If he visits there often and the foam is CONSISTENTLY bubbly and not microfoamed then it sounds like the baristas aren’t being trained properly OR that this shop chooses to produce a thicker foam instead of a smooth microfoam. As such the skill of the barista is the deciding factor behind coffee. You could give the same raw ingredients and to a skilled barista or some random person off the street and get VERY different results.

  4. We will definitevely have a picture of Tingom and the legend “this dude like microfoam” in our new coffee shop

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