So I drove by Mulch Coffee recently, even though it isn’t open quite yet. It’s at 3811 N. Brown Ave in Scottsdale, literally across the street from where the farmers market meets.

The shop is expected to open later this fall, and is being opened by Brian Clemens and Jason Calhoun, who I’ve written about before.

I just love this vintage door – and grabbed this photo. The door was locked, and nobody was there. Brian and Jason have shared brief snipets about what they’re planning to do with the shop. A few things we know: It will most likely serve coffee from a number of coffee roasters (rather than just a single roaster, like most shops), and they are not planning to roast coffee.

Mulch Coffee
3811 N. Brown Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Twitter: @mulchcoffee

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  1. Psyd

    …and that the coffee will be spectacular, and that, if you’re nice, they’ll be nice.
    I just wish that those two had decided on Tucson instead of Phoenix. Our loss is your gain!

  2. Can i put in order in for 80z WAITING!