* Arizona Coffee Does Not Endorse Rocket Coffee Roasters or Larry Jones *

I had a chance to optimize a few more pictures from the Rocket Coffee Roasters open house last week.

Unroasted coffee beans.

Sampling the mango drinks. The hazelnut was probably my favorite.

View of the Rocket Coffee Roasters roastery where all of the fun was at.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Michael Rowe

    I will suggest you bring Juan Valdez straight from the mountains of Colombia (From the movie, Bruce Almighty) and teach these two guys a great lesson about respect from each other’s outstanding knowledge!
    Guys, (Larry and Charlie), please remember WE the customers dictate what we like to drink or not. However, coffee houses should not take coffee quality and training for granted, even if, “probably” only 25% of the coffee drinkers in the US are 100% coffee lovers like some of us.
    By the way, great topic Chris! Please do not close the comments on this topic! And let’s hear from others!

  2. That’s a movie I haven’t seen yet, but everybody says is really funny.

  3. Austin

    So continuing a post from the first set of pictures. I cut the bottom off of one of my portafilters yesterday and had the best cappuccino ever today. Gobs more flavor. I dont know that we are pulling perfect shots yet but they are definately tasting better as is.