It looks like there’s a mess at Citizen Espresso Bar – the old Lola location on Campbell and Central. It appears to have started on April 19th, when the lead barista, Tiffany, was forced out by her mother, Sherry Dew.

Tiffany Dew published this message on the coffee shops public page on Facebook which drove speculation on Twitter:

“This message is to let you all know that Tiffany and her incredible vision for Citizen Espresso Bar and our community is no longer.

As of last week, Tiffany was threatened and forced to leave her own coffee bar for the last time by her investor = mother.

The amazing morning team assembled has also been terminated and so has the in house baker and baked goods. Your new Citizen owner / operator will now be souring [sic] you fine Costco and Fry’s baked goods a portion of the week.

Tiffany and I want to thank all of you for your support in what we truly felt was an amazing opportunity, vision, and concept for the community… and we were just getting started.

There is much to this disgusting story — but for now know our hearts are broken by someone we trusted and approached to partner in the creation of Citizen.

Love, Tiffany and Mitzie”

The message was later deleted (along with the Facebook page). The Phoenix New Times has the full scoop on the story (part 1, and part 2), including additional details from Tiffany’s mom who it appears is the owner of Citizen Espresso Bar. One person noticed all of the artwork was missing.

Citizen Espresso Bar
4700 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 265-5652

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  1. I was there last week and something seemed off. At 8 AM, there were no pastries available yet, and the staff was tense. I guess this turn of events explains it. By the way, Citizen is at Highland & Central. The coffee house 1/4 mile to the south at Campbell & Central is Lux.

  2. Michael Trevino

    Yeah there is a ton of drama. The mother is the owner of the place and in her right to do as she pleases. However, this was Tiffany’s dream and she approached her parents for help. (From what I know.) What ever was the catalyst to this drama it started early and never relented. Tiffany made a bad decision in taking on a partner. Mother made a bad decision in getting rid of the person with the vision.
    I would say the person most at fault here is Mom. From what I know her posts and letters from Tiffany have been truthful. While the Mother has been manipulative and deceitful. (Again. Insider Knowledge. I know someone who works there.)
    The Mother was supposed to be silent but no agreement was written down. Now the mother apparently thinks she’s gonna run the shop. Ya know the standard claim. “How hard can it be? It’s just coffee and pastries.”
    Ultimately, this shop is on the brink of the precipice, hell may be on it’s way down with the airing of this dirty laundry. A majority of the experienced baristas if not all of them have left. The mother has never worked an espresso machine before the purchase of the company. (and still may have not worked one.) So don’t go in expecting Lola or even Citizen. Expect “Brand New coffee shop” backed by little experience. That will be reflected your cup of coffee.

  3. Wow, Michael! You really have the full scoop – thanks for the extra insight. Such a sad story.

  4. Justin

    Let me go by this piece by piece. Tiffany was never forced out. She walked. And I’m so glad she did, she was running that place into the ground. The “letter” is a riot, so no comment. The artwork was missing because we were between artists. The walls now are filled with a new artist’s big, bright, and abstract pieces. they look great! Concerning the title of this article, yes, there was a mess at Citizen. However, we are getting things up and running with some AMAZING experienced baristas. Most of the staff walked with Tiffany and it was hard to find good people on a moments notice. And the staff that did leave, I had the pleasure of talking to each one of them when they came in to pick up their last paychecks. There is no hard feelings between us and I actually asked one of them to come back. She declined. So no one was forced out. And to you Mr. Michael Trevino, you have it all wrong when you refer to my mom as “manipulative and deceitful” and I feel that before you publicly say such things about people, you might want to make sure those are your opinions, not other peoples. My mom was left with no other option but to run the shop and although I’m full time at ASU, I have done everything to help her and my dad, because I know what incredible human beings those two are. I will do anything for them because they have done everything for me. And another thing, my parents were not shopping around for business opportunities. They have one, and it’s more than enough for them to stay busy and live a comfortable life. They did this because they wanted Tiffany to have something for her future. They were not interested in making a profit. My parents are they most down to earth, genuine people ever. That’s what people don’t see. They don’t see the fact that they have been so supportive in everything my sister and I have done. Who do you think bought all of my sister’s DJing equipment and even went to her gigs all the time? My parents. Do you think they frequent places like Bliss Rebar? Well, every Sunday when my sister would DJ, my mom was there. How many parents go to their kids DJ shows on a REGULAR basis? As for myself, I wanted to give acting a try and every little tiny role I got in LA, my parents would fly out to see me in a show. Did acting work out for me? No. But did my mom and dad make me feel like I could accomplish anything and make me always believe in myself? Yes! They did the same for Tiffany! Again, this is why they went down this road at 60 years old! For her! So people really need to stop being so hard on us and give this amazing little community coffee shop a shot. Yes, we have kinks to work out, but we are determined to make this a fun spot for everyone that serves up the best quality coffee around, and nothing is going to stop us. The best is yet to come! We hope to see you all in there soon, we’d love to have you 🙂


  5. Michael Trevino

    Good to hear Justin. I apologize for using such harsh words about your mother but in this case they are true. I understand and applaud you coming to the defense of your mother. I also understand that you would defend Citizen and it’s position. However, I’ve only stated what is fact. I will give a case so no one can accuse me of slander.
    On the last day Tiffany was there, your mother was interviewing a “Back-up” for Tiffany, in front of Tiffany while she was working. How would that make a person feel? That is a message being sent. That is manipulation.

    Your Mother also states that she took the employees with her on that fateful day. That is a lie because the person I know working there was told to leave. She closed the shop on her own not because there was no one to work the counter. So she was intending to deceive or mislead the readers when she stated this.

    [Dew explains, after a series of troubles with Tiffany, she had a feeling her daughter might leave. So, as a back-up plan, she set up an interview with another possible barrista.

    “Tiffany walked up to us and wanted to know what was going on,” Dew says. “She started saying some inappropriate things and I said to her, ‘Tiffany, you’re embarrassing yourself. Either go back to work or leave.’ So she left, and took some of the employees with her.”
    Without employees, Dew was forced to close up shop. Later that day, Dew says Tiffany and her friend Mitzie returned and started taking things out of the shop, so she called the police.]
    Taken from

    By the way, the items being taken were things placed there by Tiffany and Mitzie but not purchased by Citizen. If you were quitting or being fired from a job, would you leave your items there?

  6. honesty

    this poor place is still a tragedy. Sherry has no clue how to make even black coffee. It’s true that she feels like running a coffee shop is not difficult because she and her husband own another business in Scottsdale. Unfortunately, it’s not a even food related so she’s fooling herself. Luckily her heinous, emotionally-unstable son left so the ‘tudes gone.
    But from what i’ve seen they can’t get stable employees so the place is slowly imploding.