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Lux: A nightclub for morning people

Megan Finnerty
Jun. 6, 2007

Although it’s 7:30 a.m. and the sun is bright outside the front windows, Phoenix’s Lux Coffeebar feels like a nightclub for morning people.

As the hipsterly styled locals queue for coffees, raspberry brioches and golden scones, a mix of DJs man a light table at the back of the room, playing a dance-heavy mix of edgy wakeup music.

“We really try to play music that’s inspiring, in that it makes you want to dance, or it makes you take notice,” said DJ Luis Solis. “We’re not playing atmosphere music.”

Solis spins with partner Sean Watson and the two make up the DJ duo Ill Pescados, known for hosting Sundays at HT Lounge. DJ Brazilia, aka Claudia Bona most notably from AZ 88, joins them, spinning a mix of electronica, soul and hip-hop and name dropping groups as divergent as Ladytron, Stevie Wonder and Digable Planets.

And the mix of people is just as eclectic.

The shop is crowded with freshly coiffed breakfasters, smelling pleasantly of just-applied perfume and cologne, grooving to the loud music. It’s easy to imagine them as potential dates. It’s easy to imagine you’ve already gone out, and now you’re indulging in the morning-after casual coffee ritual. And it makes this little corner of Phoenix feel just as sexy as any Scottsdale lounge.

“I think it’s great anytime you can see a DJ spinning vinyl these days and it fits with Lux because it’s very personal to have a DJ right there and introducing the music everyone,” said Lux regular Doug Brown, 35, of Phoenix. To come in and hear something like that, it’s a great way to start the day.”

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  1. I went to Lux about a year ago, expecting to use their wi-fi. Nice place, interesting decor, but as I recall all of the AC outlets were in the very back of the shop. Sort of a drag if you want to get comfy, drink some coffee, and use your laptop.

  2. lilotaku

    How was the coffee?

  3. I really enjoy what Lux is these days. The atmosphere is relaxing, the vibe is friendly and people will chat you up. While at Lux, I’ve had all manner of conversations with all manner of people about all sorts of topics. Big fun. The folks at Lux have given their espresso their own unique signature. The patio area is dog-friendly, too.

  4. Hector

    I love Lux, the baristas are really cool and the atmosphere is just what i look for in a cafe.
    Coffee is great and with Free WiFi what more can you ask for?

  5. Karen m.

    i love lux too, but i almost had a coronary when my itsy bitsy au lait and 3 smallish cookies were $11

  6. I was finally in Lux this weekend, been meaning to try the place for years. There seemed to be plenty of outlets now, up towards the front too, so maybe they fixed that. Parking was tricky though, not to mention the light-rail construction.

    More on-topic, I had the best cappuccino I’ve ever had in my life. They only make it in the one size, and in a glass cup, but I couldn’t have gone anywhere with it anyway. It was definitely a sit-down type of drink, and worth the trip.