Home-Barista.com is a really popular forum for coffee professionals. This week, they are asking for opinions on the best espresso blend.

Chris Babbie (aka Psyd on this site) wrote in suggesting people vote for an Arizona blend that is on that list. Click here to view the current votes. You need to register if you want to vote.

He writes:

Home-Barista.com is asking for opinions, and Cartels BME is included in the potential list. With thirty or forty more votes, it could make the cut, receive the national recognition that AZ aught to get, and just raise the quality of coffee in AZ altogether.
Congratz to Jason, and let’s get a voting campaign started!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    And *please* do not annoy these folk. Be polite, they are my friends.
    (and yes, some of them do bite…)