I’m sitting at the new Coffee Rush which opened recently. It’s on the southeast corner of Gilbert & Baseline, in Gilbert. I drove past it and had to stop and see what it was all about. I was confused at first because I am more familiar with the Coffee Rush on Ray & Dobson (the one by a lake). This store is apparently a second location that replaced a Coffee Plantation.

I’ve just sampled my doppio macchiato. It’s superb! Very good taste, they grind per shot, and it has the right amount of foam. I’m dully impressed and will be back. Plus the free wifi is a big bonus.

Something else about this Coffee Rush: It’s impecably clean, they’re playing hip modern music, and the seats have padding. Nash seems to agree.

Doppio Macchiato.

Too much burgundy for me, but it’s very clean and open.

Outdoor signage.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. How come they served it to you in a paper cup? Did you have an option for porcelain?

    c’mon people, let’s get it right…

  2. I’m not sure. The guy didn’t ask me, but I’m betting they could. The coffee was good so that’s what mattered. I got a glass cup at Zephyre (about 5-10 min south of this place), however I will withhold my comments about it until later. Coffee Rush was a lot better than Zephyre.

  3. Cool to see another Coffee Rush open up (I won’t go on about my love for their single shot Iced Mocha anymore).

  4. I’m going to have to try their mocha now that you mention it again.


    Awesome coffee! The Caramel Rush is the best in town! Starbucks who???

  6. Yes! I have just returned home from coffee rush! The environment is relaxing,
    the vibe is positive, and the service is superior! WOO HOOO Coffee Rush!
    Good job guys! Keep up the good work.

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  8. I live in the neighborhood. We have a lot of coffee shops in the neighborhood, including 2 Starbucks within 2-3 miles. Coffee Rush is my favorite. As to the porcelin cup thing – I like my porcelin cups as well. They have offered to keep my porcelin cup behind the counter for me – 🙂

  9. It’s not only the coffee thats screams awesome there! Its also the service and the enviroment its the most relaxing place to go to and they really know how to make you feel at home! I strongly suggest it

  10. KM

    After reading the comments here, I decided to give this a shot. I literally have driven by this place for months on my way to the Starbucks across the street. I’m glad I tried it. I went in the late afternoon, so it was pretty quiet, but you could tell the place has a good vibe. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the girl behind the counter. Then another gentleman who was working greeted me while she was making my Americano. Anyway, I think I’ve found my new neighborhood coffee joint.

  11. Hi KM: That’s terrific! Arizona Coffee’s community to the rescue once again. Helping the locals find good coffee.

  12. Chandler Coffee Rush has the right stuff, better than the average European coffee house: cool atmosphere featuring lake-side ambiance, good coffee rushes, good music, five computers available for free public access, free internet hook-up, and most significant for return clientele the friendly, service oriented staff.

    The new “Rush” site in Gilbert is not a disappointment when comparing the two venues. All features are nearly equal excluding the lake. Yet, the fountain get honorable mention…I hear this water feature is to be supplemented by a waterfall and a second fountain – ohlala!

  13. Thanks, TimmyB! I agree, the lake really is awesome. It’s the only coffee shop I know of that even has a lake.

  14. Michael

    I must admit that only the strong survive! Coffee Rush #1 took over a previously dead location of another independent. Coffee Rush #2 did the same. Other indy’s have come and gone not only in this area but in other cities around the country as Starbucks continues to drive their newly announced growth plan for another 4000 stores in the next couple years domestically. Aside from the beautifully decorated and strategically located stores and highly trained (on full automatic machines – ???) baristas, Starbucks has to be understood as an operation who’s full intent is to dry up every source for the beans that feed the indy.

    Let us continue to expect the best from our indy coffee houses as this is what the lasting ones provide. My dollars will continue to be spent at places that really do appreciate my money and provide me with the products I know and love, coffee or otherwise.

    Finally, with the unique personalities that are provided by indy’s such as Coffee Rush, Java Spot, Areopagus, MamaJava’s, and many others AND the ever consistent providers of the bean by some of the most seasoned and professional roasters anywhere, I can assure you that the future will continue to look bright for these persistent mom and pop businesses.

    Pat these owners on the back, they know they are appreciated by your financial support… let them know with words that they are going in the right direction!

  15. Casey

    My fiance and I always went to this shop for ok coffee. But today, the owner kicked us out of the store because we were waiting for my wedding planner and her husband to show up before we ordered. He told us that we had to order something or we were not wanted, when we were waiting for just 10 minutes. We then went to the counter to order and he told us never to come back and never served us. Never would get this at Starbucks, right across the street. Customer service 101, I will never go back.

  16. Jennifer

    Wow I’m not sure what this Casey person is talking about. I have been going to Coffee Rush for as long as they have been open. I could never see any of them treating customers like that. I think there is a little more to that storey then she/he is telling.

    COFFEE RUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. CHELSI


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  19. Andy

    Casey is dead-on about them hounding you to order something. I’ve only been there a few times and thought nothing bad of them. Usually the guy who takes our orders (Baseline location) is very nice, well-mannered, and helpful. But this one guy, whom I’ve never ordered from, apparently singled out my friends waiting for me to arrive and was being a general jerk to them. I don’t know what relation he is to the shop, shaved-head with a ponytail in the back, but he just ruined what was otherwise a great experience from the other man who works there. Really, as soon as they sat down, they were targeted. I arrived and spoke with them for a few minutes before getting a drink. And the guy asked me, “Are your friends going to order anything?” You know what, I don’t think we’ll ever order anything there again. There were a group of kids who brought food and drinks from the Del Taco adjacent and they weren’t heckled. If you’re going to intimidate random people into ordering, at least don’t make it so obvious. I have nothing but priase for the other man working there. But this show of arrogance and rudeness is pathetic for a place people, myself included, respected. Apparently, customer service comes at a very tangible price. As an aside, the iced teas are lackluster.

  20. Jay

    I have been frequenting Coffee Rush for many years and just came across this thread (and a similar one on another board) and felt compelled to post this response. As a business owner myself (and often, Coffee Rush is my “office”), I can understand their position. There are a couple of things some folks need to understand:

    (1) Coffee Rush is *not* for everyone. They have a very strategically targeted customer base, cater to that target exceedingly well, and do not attempt the futile task of trying to be perfect for everyone.

    (2) You are *not* a “customer” of a business until you buy something from that business. One who sits at a table without purchasing anything is a loiterer, not a customer. “Customer service” applies to customers, not loiterers.

    Yes, Coffee Rush runs a very tight ship. But you know what? That is one of the primary reasons they are so successful and so clearly meet the needs of their target customer base. Although the drinks at Coffee Rush are fantastic, that is not what the place it ultimately about. Coffee Rush is about atmosphere and environment. For their target customers, Coffee Rush is professional, clean, friendly, relaxing, comfortable, and more. It is more like being a guest in the owner’s “home” than it is a cookie-cutter corporate shop. If you want something bland and cookie-cutter, that is fine, to each their own – you would be part of the generic masses of Starbuck’s target customers, not the specialized niche of Coffee Rush.

    Finally, consider this… Walk into a busy, successful, five-star restaurant, plop down at one of their prime tables, maybe bring a little McDonald’s with you to eat, and do not order anything from that restaurant. See how long you will last there before they (rightfully) ask you to leave. Have a little respect for the place and you will be rewarded greatly.

  21. My daughter who is 10yrs loves Coffee Rush as much as I do! The staff remembers our favorite drink and we love the lake front view! We also like to visit the other small shops near by. We always have to stop by the flower shop and say Hi to ‘Didgy’ a blue nose pit bull! He is a sweetheart! and then we go to the quilt shop! Coffee Rush is just a fun way to spend a relaxing day! I am glad that they do not let people just hang out….from past experiences from other places that allow it..there are always problems! I appreciate them having a good business sense!!! Thanks Coffee Rush for building a place for me to build beautiful memories with my daughter!

  22. Denise

    Coffe Rush you are the #1. If you are a regular, you can walk through the door at either location and who ever is working has your drink made in no time. They not only know there coffee but there customers as well.

  23. Kim

    Coffee Rush is the best! We moved to Gilbert in July, and I was glad to see another coffee joint in the place where the former Coffee Plantation used to be. We actually live close to both CR locations, and pop into one or the other almost daily. If there’s a better iced latte in the Valley, I haven’t found it yet. We now know several of the Baristas by name, and they know our order as soon as we walk in the door. It’s obvious everyone who works here takes a great deal of pride in their drinks.

    I often do computer work at the Gilbert location in the evenings, and have never been ‘heckled’ by Mo or anyone else –but then again, I always buy one or two drinks while I’m there (as it should be–I agree fully with the comments above about the definition of ‘customer’). Apparently they’re opening a new location in Tempe in the near future too.

    Chris, this is a great site! We’re visiting Tucson this weekend and I will make it a point to check out ‘Coffee Vein’ and some other shops you’ve recommended while I’m there. I attended U of A in the 80’s, and while Bentley’s is still there, my other favorite place, Coffee, Etc, went out of business awhile ago. I’m glad to see a slew of new coffeehouses that take their brew seriously.

  24. dustin carpenter

    keep it up moe!!!!!

  25. Tara

    I’ve been going to the Gilbert location for about six months now, and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a great coffee experience. The baristas are super cool, friendly, and fast. They now know me and my drink and begin making it as soon as I walk in the door. I’m always treated nicely and with respect. My favorite barista is Vanni (sp). I love the atmosphere too — great place to relax with friends or work on the computer with the free wi-fi. I would choose this place over Starbucks any time. Keep up the great work guys!

  26. Ariel

    One experience at coffee rush does not say it all. My husband and I went there to enjoy an evening with a few of our friends. My husband bought a drink, but one of the staff members insisted on harrassing us all about buying something. One of my friends decided to buy three water bottles and in doing so recieved an extremely rude lecture about how this store was a classy store. He said “The customers buy coffee not water”

    As we were leaving she decided to tell him that she felt harrassed and would never bring her unclassy friends to Coffee Rush ever again. In return he said “Please never come back”