Bags And Beans has re opened as A Shot of Java. Jonathan writes:

Bags And Beans is now A Shot Of Java. They opened up the new place mid Oct. They have revamped the interior and the coffee is very good. The owner started a myspace page for the place.

It’s comfy, with the usual: couches, soft chairs, free wi-fi.

Looks like she is trying to get music ever Fri and Sat. My band, Paper Box, played there a few times. We’ve gotten to like hanging out there very quickly and started a game night ever 1st and 3rd Wed with pizza brought in from Old Roma Next door.

Photo from the MySpace page:

Just North of Glendale, between 57th Drive and 58th Ave.

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  1. Kristin

    I love this place. The Coffee is great ! my favorite drink is the Cocamochanut Frappe.
    The owners are very nice and the atmosphere is great.

  2. Jessica

    I love this place. It’s become my second home. The coffee is amazing and the stories are even better. A great place to hang out with your friends. Game nights rock (1st and 3rd Wed. of the month). And they have a poetry circle on Sundays at 6pm

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  4. justin

    A Shot of Java the is my favorite Coffee House. I love the Coffee, and it is all Organic and Fair Trade. I also enjoy the atmosphere and one of the owners Lisa she is very nice and entertaining. Finally a great place to go and hang out on this side of town.

  5. Beth

    I went there for the first time tonight, and I will be back. I was very impressed.

  6. Nice little place. Owner Lisa is very personable (some customers say reminicent of B. Streisand). They would be right. “I’ll Be Back.”

  7. Sara

    Great place with good coffee. Nice people. The barisata guy was kinda creepy though. Next time I go I hope he isn’t around.