As I mentioned, I made a trip out to Next Coffee Company on Saturday and took some photos and tried some of the food. The place is huge. Over 3,200 sq ft according to Josh Morris (an Arizona Coffee reader and one of the people who work at Next Coffee Company).

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

I had a latte. Unfortunately they don’t have “for here” cups. I asked. Latte was good.

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

It was lunch time so I decided to try the chicken quesadilla. They warmed it up for me and served it with a cookie.

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

The coffee shop is very spacious. There are lots of chairs (probably a hundred?), plenty of tables for getting work done, and even several areas where you could hold a group meeting. This is (I think) the biggest coffee shop in Arizona. It’s certainly the largest I have ever seen. One interesting thing is that even though they’ve only been open for 2 weeks, the place had a decent sized crowd! There were probably 40 people there when I visited.

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

Oh, a note about the wireless internet: The postcard says it is free but when I tried to access it with my iPod Touch it asked for a password. You can probably get one at the front counter.

Next Coffee Company in Glendale Arizona

Next Coffee Company
19420 N. 59th Ave.
Building J
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: (623) 322-4852

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  1. joshua morris

    Thanks for the nice comments! As for the password you can find it at the bottom of your receipt…we change it frequently.

    I would also like to invite all of the AZ-Coffee readers up for our grand opening. It is as Chris mentioned happening all day Thursday.


  2. Todd

    Sounds like a great place! It is a little far for me to drive for Thursday, but I’ll make the trek out there to see the place for myself.

    I am glad to hear that the WiFi requires a password that is changed frequently. While I wouldn’t say it was secure, it is more secure than other ‘free’ WiFi services I have seen. Too much stuff floating around cleartext makes me a little nervous……

  3. Mary

    Cool review! I’ll definitely have to check it out sometime… very nice photos, to boot. 🙂

  4. hb

    I want to go, It’s just so far for me.
    Damm maybe I can just pretend I’m lost. LOL
    The place looks awesome and the treats look mighty good.
    ok… SOLD, be there this weekend.

  5. Jon

    Just visiting from the PacNW. Might check out this new shop. The first thing I look for is a lot of electrical outlets near comfy chairs and tables.

    I walked out of a place on Thunderbird by ASU today. They wanted to charge for WiFi and thought they had an outlet somewhere toward the back.

    Not how I do coffee.

    I would rather buy coffee than a new laptop battery! What is the state of electricity at this location? With that question positively answered, I will be there tomorrow!

  6. joshua morris

    To answer Jon’s question on the east side we have the “comfy” seating with floor jacks as well as wall jacks in abundance!

  7. I’m at Next Coffee right now, for their grand opening. It’s a pretty neat event. They’ve got live jazz playing. Don’t know what the name of the band is yet. They’ve got really good specials. Got a Himalayan (chai with a shot of espresso) that I liked. Also had the chicken quesadilla.

    I can verify that wifi works if you use the password on the receipt. My password was “JAVA”. I tried logging and didn’t have the password, and it loaded the login page. When I came back with the password, it wasn’t connected, but I didn’t realize it. I entered the password, and then found out that it wasn’t connected. I reconnected and didn’t need to enter the password again. Web geeks will know that the page used JavaScript to set the cookie, and then, when it was connected, the site retrieved the cookie and redirected.

    There are power outlets on the floor. It looks like it is set up well for studying, which is good, because their business model seems to rely heavily on the business of students from across the street.

    There’s a very wide variety of food and desserts here.

  8. PA-Christina!

    … i love NEXT COFFEE! everyone there is so welcoming and student friendly (lots of tables!) =) I have to say, i’ve been there almost everyday since they’ve opened. In fact I just came back from there and the jazz music was fabulous! got to try the emerald city or cafe del mar. So many varieties to choose from!

  9. Hey Ben, that’s cool you went out to the Grand Opening event. I am glad to get a report on how it went. Also glad the wifi worked out.


  10. This is about 2 miles from my home. I noticed it while out running & went there for the first time, yesterday. Had a carmel machiato (sp?) and it was very good. They advertise live jazz on Friday nights, so I’m hoping to get my husband to go with me!

  11. Jon from Bellingham

    Thanks to all the folks at Next Coffee for great java and a place to study during my recent stay in Phoenix. Nicely done. If all goes well, I will stop in again soon.

  12. Austin

    Jon I have some friends from downtown Bellingham. Any chance you know mitch and thea?

  13. Jon from Bellingham

    Mitch at Three Trees is awesome. He is doing some great things there. And the coffee is good, too. His mother taught my daughter in school.

    My world is always shrinking.

  14. This place is pretty close to me. Awesome. I ‘ll have to make it over there to check it out this week.

  15. Javagirl

    I was there yesterday and was told they will be open till well past midnight most of next week for college students to study for their finals! They even gave me a 10% student discount! How cool is that?! I had their Cinnabon Latte’ OMG sooo good!

  16. I too love going to coffee shops and was wanting to find something new besides the ones I normally go to. Well I stumbled onto this website and then found this listing for Next so thought I would give it a try….this place rocks!!!

    I am both a teacher and a masters student so I am always looking for a place that is comfortable with big tables, enough power outlets for my laptop and a friendly staff….well Next has it all. Another thing I like is that they do not blare music through their sound sytems which allows people to actually enjoy their own iPods or iTunes playlist.

    Oh yeah….and their coffee is pretty good too. Only downside is that I am with you in wanting them to have “for hear” cups instead of the disposibles – it makes for a more “homey” feeling.

  17. AllieZ

    The “for here” cups might not be possible. Next might not have dishwashers to handle the sheer volume of the cups. Plus, starving scholars might walk out with the cups! I’m sure having disposable cuts costs a bit too, the labor and utilities involved with washing the cups…

    I am new to the Valley. Next is definately my favorite place to hang. I’m a student, just not where I can get the 10% discount. Maybe my frequent card will come in handy soon? I sure hope so. The owner is friendly and takes pride in his first coffee house.

    Don’t forget about the Wednesday morning story hour, for those of you with kiddos.

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  19. I finally made it in yesterday and I LOVE this place!! The Tan Latte blended was so good! I felt very inspired while I was there, I even started jotting down some goals I want to work towards. I will be there more often!

  20. Roger

    This place ROCKS!
    I was driving south bound on 59th Ave and noticed the signage as I passed …. thus I did a 180 at the next possible left-hand turn lane and managed to stroll in.
    “WOW” was my first thought on the largeness of this coffee house.
    Katlyn was extremely friendly and feed me with lots of information.
    As I waited for my 24 oz. Iced Himalayan Hammer (yummie), I checked out the premises …. VERY COOL! I LIKE 😉
    If I didn’t live in SE Gilbert, I’d frequent this place much more often. The owners definitely have a niche here and hopefully they will mass produce throughout the valley.

  21. jenn

    I am soooooo burnt out on every-corner-there-it-is Starbucks. I was sooooooooo glad to find a latte place / barista that can make a drink that’s not on the regular menu list . . . and make it EXACTLY the way I wanted! It was AWESOME. Steve is the best!!

  22. Hey all, my name is Kat. I’m one of the shift supervisors over at NEXT COFFEE and I am thrilled to see all the positive feedback. Just wanna say thanks for stopping in, and hope I can make your drink for you next time!

  23. Muriel Deutsch

    This is my absolute favorite place for my espresso fix! Most of the baristas know me by name and my drink. The quality is consistent and so are the friendly faces. I wish they were closer to my home but the drive is well worth it! AND the food is amazing as well. They deserve a lot more recognition and commendation than they get.

  24. It’s the perfect place to start your day at the Citadelle Plaza. I like to take my yoga class at Blissful Yoga studios, then enjoy my favorite tan latte, iced. Or get the mint iced tea and head for shopping at the boutiques!

  25. You students and business laptop surfers, gamers and geeks, must remember that some coffee shops are there to provide you with coffee, and others are there to lure you in with free wi-fi and a place to camp. I prefer the coffee shop that resembles the latter. If you’re told that the wi-fi is for the business, and that they’ll sell you a chunk if you’re willing to pay your share, and that there may be an outlet near the back, it’s because that’s one of those coffee shops that does not cater to the i-consumer, but to real people who drink coffee and appreciate an environment that doesn’t look, sound, or feel like an office lined with people starting at the blue-white glow of a computer screen.
    It’s fine to take advantage of the places that offer those amenities, but once you start knocking a coffee shop for not catering to your study habits, you’ve become just another self-involved greed-head expecting entitlements that you really don’t deserve.
    And we’re really fine with you taking your business elsewhere.
    It’s a coffee shop. Buy your coffee and go home to do your homework.

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