Has anybody ever heard of the AeroPress? Some guy invented it because he didn’t like the French Press. It appears to be a farily new product, as this article mentions it being a new invention.

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  1. Check out this monster over at coffeegeek.

    So, yes.. it’s a new brewing method. It can make a great cup of coffee. It cannot make espresso. I don’t care what the packaging says.

    Use your own guidance (or Larry’s excellent brewing article) and toss out the instructions. I believe it’s easier to achieve great results this way.

  2. I agree — it makes a good cup of coffee, after a bit of experimentation to suit your taste. For some roasts that I find a little funky in a drip coffee maker, I’ve decided taste pretty good in the AeroPress. Best of all, you can take it to work or on a trip, with a little container of coffee and not have to suffer through crappy hotel stuff.

  3. I’ve been using the aeropress for a week and have so far enjoyed it – but am still refining my technique. It extracts all the wonderful flavor notes like a french press does, but filters out all of the bitter acidic properties. Because it uses a micro filter, it also creates a really “clean” cup of coffee, devoid of sediments. The only knock against it is, it looks damn ugly when compared to almost any other coffee maker!