Monarch Coffee is to open in early December according to The Arizona Republic.

Despite all the Starbucks and other coffee shops that have opened up, Scott McKeag, a Las Vegas engineer and geologist, decided to open a coffee shop because he wants to share with others what he claims was the best cup of coffee he ever had. It was in 1996, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

He learned that the man selling the coffee had grown and roasted it himself and was selling it to cruise ships. Eventually, McKeag began selling the coffee on his Web site,

“It’s a rich coffee with no bitter taste,” said McKeag, who mainly works in the field of water treatment but decided to open a coffee shop.

Monarch Coffee will have large overstuffed chairs and sell coffee in oversize mugs. “Coffee is supposed to be enjoyed, not rushed through life and spilled on dashboards,” he said.

He hopes to open during the first week in December. He took over the space vacated by Eye-Magination.

Information: (480) 706-0027.

Location: 4200 block of Chandler Boulevard

Arizona Coffee

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  1. with claims such as these…

    Amazing coffee! Your head will explode! GUARANTEED!


    Greatest coffee ever made.
    the obove statement is true.

    it’s sure to be a sucksess!

  2. Nice! Stand back, I just took a sip!

  3. Kris Murphy

    This is the worst coffee I ever tasted in my live!!!!!!!!