On a recent Saturday we said “let’s get breakfast… and coffee.” Next thing I knew, we were on our way to Altitude Coffee Lab — which is a fairly new coffee shop in Scottsdale.

This coffee shop is right next to a bicycle and walking path (the Scottsdale Green Belt) and the patio affords views of the lake and bicyclists. Their patio is easily one of the best in Scottsdale due to the comfortable patio furniture and the good views. We ate outside and sat on the couch.

The coffee was good, but not too spectacular. My cappuccino was a bit on the strong side, with funky frothed foam. But, I plan to revisit soon because I understand they’ve been doing lots of training recently. As it was, it’s barely a recommendation on the coffee front (but, as I said, they’ve been doing lots of training). Overall, we enjoyed our visit!

We also tried an iced mocha which was quite good, and had good flavor.

The interior is warm, modern, and stylish.

Moving on to breakfast, we ordered several dishes to try. Quite honestly, we left somewhat hungry. The portions were small, and we were hungry for breakfast.

My breakfast sandwich — extremely tasty, but small.

Another view of the inside. Great location.

My wife’s breakfast, also very good.

They have an awesome patio, with lots of nice seating and views of the lake.

My daughter, Emily (2 years), gave it the thumbs up.

The interior of the shop is large and expansive. They have clean restrooms and a clean kitchen. They roast coffee on the premises (near the front of the shop). This location has held other coffee shops, including the old location for In the Raw, a dog bar and coffee bar that.

Iced mocha.


Altitude Coffee Lab
8320 N Hayden Rd
Ste E107
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 878-5611

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