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  1. Sometimes I wonder if Chris is purposely trying to get a rise out of me! Just a quick perusal over the content currently displayed on the “front page” unearths these horrid little gems;

    Teecino – Herbal coffee substitute, coffee substitute, enough said.

    Bada Beans – if the coffee your drinking is so bad that you would resort to dropping a flavoring pellet into it…well, you get the picture.

    JavaVoo – or is it JavaPoo? Sadly there are coffeeshops in the valley that I would rather they throw one of those things in their microwave than serve me a coffee.

    BriteVision – you get what you pay for and these things are free.

    And finally…

    Amazing Coffee Discovery – which leaves me speechless, almost, although I’m sure some of you wish it would!

  2. LMAO! Seriously. This site needs new digs up front haha.

  3. Well, the good news is I have an interview with a coffee house owner on Saturday, and I have a video from a coffee shop I visited last Monday. So some new content is in the works!

  4. Todd

    That’s Funny! Next thing you know he’ll start selling Starbucks gift cards on the site as a fundraiser!

    Look at it this way, though….. at least there is also some great information about the iRoast2 home coffee roaster. That should produce some acceptable cups of coffee!