On Sunday I was in downtown Phoenix and decided to stop in at Lux Coffee Bar. Here are a few photos. The construction is all completed surrounding the light rail. My cappuccino was quite good actually. The foam while not being the greatest was decent (not great, but decent) and the espresso was perfect. No bitterness, strong flavor. Etc.

The street in front of Lux, light rail is visible on left.

The patio at Lux is awesome. They share it with another sandwich place which is great, and in wintertime these tables are always crowded.

The signage at Lux is incredibly difficult to see. But it tends to work.

Interior of Lux Coffee Bar.

My cappucino.

LUX Coffee Bar
4404 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 696-9976

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  1. I recommend the light drip. With a scone. Although a single espresso is nice in the evening hours.

  2. Nice shot Chris. Maybe we can set up some “coffee caravans” along the light rail route after December 27th! 🙂

  3. Get some geekier comments from the staff, and more brass and stainless photos for us gearheads, wouldja? The tantalization of seeing the levers poking up out of the clutter of the counter just isn’t doing it.
    Some of us equate the nouse of the baristi/owners/managers and the ability of the hardware as the basis for whether or not the coffee shop is a place that we want to go to.
    Cartel’s Versalab M3 grinder was the thing that induced me to show up there, and VIOLA, it was a great indicator!
    Tech shots are the cheesecake centerfolds for some of us, Chris. Go blue! ; >