Tom Pelino writes:

Chris –
I wanted to send you notification that Anna Bean’s Coffee & Gelato has opened Oct. 24th. I would love to have you stop over and take a look around (NE corner of 32nd St. & Union Hills).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. andrewkfromaz

    Definitely try this place out and let me know what you think. My brother works there, I wasn’t overly thrilled both times I’ve been there, but I’m really hopeful that they’ll make it.

  2. EvaninNorthdale

    I enjoyed a great cup of simple coffee with two of the delicious pastries available. Their biscotti was a perfect compliment to my brew and a fruited bran muffin finished off my breakfast. The mango gelato is also a refreshing experience on a warm Arizona night! Great decor and ambiance plus free Wi Fi!

  3. Bill

    I have been to Anna Bean’s twice and have enjoyed the coffee and atmosphere very much. I will be there again tomorrow and Sunday. It is very open and welcoming to the guests. I grabbed a cup of coffee for my brother to taste and he said it is very good. My brother is a tough critic when it comes to coffee. It is nice to have a coffee shop run by locals and not a big corporation…

  4. Melissa

    I have been to Anna Bean’s several times since it opened. I am from WA and I have to say that I have not tried coffee this great since I moved to AZ in 2006, and I have tried many places. The Americanos are the best! The people that work there are very friendly and welcoming. They serve you quickly too, which is important when on your way to work. I have also tried the gelatos which are better than ice cream. If you like pumpkin treats try the pumpkin gelato, it is a nice treat for the holiday season.

  5. Krisustin

    How old do you have to be to apply to work there, and are you hiring at the moment?

  6. Meggin

    I have been to Anna Bean’s several times since they’ve opened and they’ve truly gone the extra mile to make my experience enjoyable. From the complimentary Italian cookies they give my daughters, to the chocolate covered espresso beans they serve with my order everything about this comfortable new coffee spot is fabulous! As a student at PVCC, I’ll definitely be back!

  7. Ashley

    Anyone who has not been here, must try it! Forget all the other gelato shops you’ve been to, this stuff is the best. Get a chocolate gelato and a regular coffee, and make an affogato out of it. Delicious! Thank you for opening this place!

  8. My husband and I love this non-corrporate coffee and gelato place. This is a very clean facility with local art for their decor. They truly put forth the extra effort and have one of the best coffee or teas around. Take a friend to try something different for a welcomed change!

  9. Jess

    Thank goodness there are still locally owned coffee shops in AZ! I love Anna Beans! The coffee is delicious and the workers have always been very friendly. Im a PVCC student and when I see fellow students with a starbucks or McDonalds coffee cup I seriously have to ask them why. Obviously they’ve never been to Anna Beans!

  10. It’s simple: Anna Bean’s has some of the best coffee in the NE valley.
    Other strong points:
    The atmosphere and the staff.
    Very family-friendly, too.

    When my wife asks “Do you want to go out for coffee & dessert?” the answer is simple: Anna Bean’s!

  11. Melissa

    Does anyone know how they are doing? I have was twice in the last week and both times it was pretty dead. It was the evening though. I want them to stay open! We need something on that side of town that isn’t Starbucks.