Anybody hear of Froth Coffee Bar? They just opened in Tucson.

Froth Coffee Bar, 439 N. Sixth Ave., is open for business. Featuring a patio seating area, Froth sells only certified organic and free-trade coffee and teas, as well as pastries and sandwiches. Froth is owned by David Krzyzanowski, who also manages Show Me Arizona, which provides convention and business retreat planning. For information about Froth, call 882-4242.

The Craigslist post has more info…

Froth Coffee Bar is now open! Its a new hip place for great coffee and pastries. Located on the SW corner of 6th Ave. and 6th St. in downtown Tucson. Surrounded by galleries and Santa Thereasa Tile Co.- its a hip new spot for your next espresso experience! Open Mon. – Fri. 7am-5:30pm and Sat. 8:30am-5:00pm

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I believe it’s occupying the same space The Flying Saucer used to. I’ll double check.

  2. MikeFTrevino

    Yep, I’m right. Same place. I’ll have to hit it up.
    I do like how they used the word Froth instead of Foam. Too many use the word foam to describe the bubbles in frothed milk. Foam is just too unsavory a word. Foam is what is in my couch, not my drink. Foam with big huge bubbles is what the sea churns up. I like to drink silky, velvety froth with a rosetta or heart design in it. Try and make latte art with big bubbly foam. .>:P

  3. curiousstudent

    Just got coffee at Froth and i was treated very well for being a young student but what suprised me was the great coffee and services that were offered. But i didnt ask if they had wireless internet… but since its new its a great place to study on the outside patio or the inside seating.