Phoenix is going to have some serious catching up to do because another coffee shop has opened in Tucson. Maybe it’s the nice weather, or maybe it’s the coffee, but this place sounds cool.

Ronald G. Cortez wrote:

Hello Chris. I love this site. Last Saturday I visited a brand new Coffee Shop / Roastery in Tucson. It’s name is Caffé Lucé. Located at the edge of the campus at U of A. It is refreshing to see the level of coffee knowledge that they have. The owner is Martyn Meisner, an ex-musician going for a coffee roaster title.

Martyn has re-located from Seattle and has a lot of experience on coffee. He was in charge of some technical department for SBC.

Thanks Ron, appreciate the email.

Caffe Luce Coffee Roasting Co.
845 N. Park Ave.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. mikedeh

    I had a coffee at Caffe Luce this morning, both my wife and I enjoyed it. I hope it sticks around for awhile.

  2. mikeftrevino

    The Caffe Luce crew is a great bunch. I’m sure Jim and Martha will agree. We’ve seen them many times and have had great conversations on coffee and the industry. I wish they would have told us when they opened. They had great setbacks on opening. The city of Tucson has lots of red tape to hurdle.

  3. Ivan Pavlakovic

    I am planning to visit this shop!

  4. yo trevino! so sorry we did not tell you about our opening-3 weeks tomorrow-stop by my friend! we have been busy getting everything going so i havnt had time to stop by and let you know (plus now i dont pay for my coffee any more)

  5. Marla

    Sweet Marty!!! Today is your B-Day so I thought I would try and track you down and wish you a Super Swell and Happy Birthday. I hope you are well and having a lot of fun. Take Care ~m

  6. Darren

    Marty is the man when it comes to coffee, he is one of the best Bass players too! Good luck with the shop I know it will be a success, You have been working towards this for long time.