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  1. OMG! Who’s next – Superior, Miami, Globe, Baghdad!? 🙂

  2. Yes, all of those places as well as a Starbucks in the Khyber Pass. 😉


    Whatever happened to the Apache Junction Starbucks.

    Dec. 29, 2006 12:00 AM

    As the year draws to a close, The Arizona Republic looks back at some of the biggest stories and catches up with some well-known figures from the Valley’s past.

    WHAT: The first and only Starbucks in Apache Junction.

    IN THE NEWS: The impending opening of the first Starbucks Coffee in Apache Junction was the talk of the town, from the City Council meetings to the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce and nearly everyone in between.

    HOW DID IT AFFECT THEM? Before the coffee shop’s opening at 2580 W. Apache Trail, its manager, Cindy Lund, said everyone in the city was glad to see her, and she often would receive hugs after she introduced herself. When the store opened May 12, Lund said it was everything she expected. “That first week was great. It was super busy.”

    WHAT’S UP NOW? Starbucks wears the crown as the king of caffeine in Apache Junction. Traffic leveled off after the first week, Lund said, but as the weather has cooled, business has heated up. Through it all, Lund said, there has been steady business from her “regulars.” Bob Moser is one and said he has visited the shop at least once a day every day since it opened, spending between $2 to $4 daily. “When this place first opened an old-timer told me, ‘That place won’t last 10 days,’ but it has and its grown,” Moser said.

    HOPES FOR THE NEW YEAR? Besides continuing to serve up coffee, one of Lund’s goals is to grow the involvement between Starbucks and the community. Lund already has donated gift cards and drinks to the Adoption Rewards Program at the city’s animal shelter, the library and groups, as well as collect gifts for local foster children. Next up is working with a senior citizen home and collecting items for the troops stationed overseas.

    – Lars Jacoby