I scanned the postcard for the Arizona Barista Jam. Here’s two quick images. The poster is almost identical just everything is on one side.

I’ll link up the sponsors for good measure:

The Coffee Veinwww.coffeevein.com
Rocket Coffee Roasterswww.rocketcoffeeroasters.com
Red Rock Foodswww.redrockfoods.com
ESI Espresso (Espresso Specialists)www.esiespresso.com
Espresso Partswww.espressoparts.com
Espresso Wrenchwww.espressowrench.com
Barista Magazinewww.baristamagazine.com
Cirqua Customized Waterwww.cirqua.com
Pacific Bay Coffee Co.www.pacificbaycoffee.com
Pacific Natural Foodswww.pacificfoods.com
Pixie Matewww.pixiemate.com
Vaneli’s Espresso Machineswww.vanelis.com
Artista Gourmetwww.artistagourmet.com
Espresso Supply, Inc.www.espressosupply.com
Pallo Coffeetoolwww.coffeetool.com
Fresh Cup Magazinewww.freshcup.com

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Ken

    Impressive list of sponsors! I’m registered (I think) for the Espresso Fest on Sunday night. Any info available about the events that will be taking place for that?

  2. Ken, yes you are registered, I sent you a confirmation email a while back. As for events for the “Home Espresso Fest” we will have a good number of home espresso/machine grinders fired up and ready to play with. There will be some folks on hand to give espresso extraction help, latte art instruction, maybe a cupping demo and a few other things. Pretty much a geekfest. What would you like to see?