The number of independent coffee shops in Arizona, not including kiosks, carts, or restaurants.


The number of chain owned coffee shops in Arizona (two or more shops).


The number of coffee roasters in Arizona.


The number of coffee roasters in the greater Phoenix area.


The number of coffee roasters in Tucson and Southern Arizona.


The number of coffee roasters in Northern Arizona.


The number of Starbucks stores in Arizona, estimated using the Starbucks store locator (includes locations inside grocery stores).


The number of blog posts on Arizona Coffee.


The number of forum posts.


The number of reader comments that have been left on Arizona Coffee.


Number of months Arizona Coffee has been published, or 4.8 years.


Number of coffee shops in AZ, including chains, but not restaurants, as estimated by Arizona Coffee.


Number of followers on the Arizona Coffee Twitter account. Only 33 coffee shops are on Twitter, though.

If you are interested in this subject, I wrote a similar post in 2007.

Some estimates are much higher for the total number of independent shops, and if you count kiosks, carts, and restaurants that serve coffee the number is most likely 2,000, if not more.

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  1. So Cartel and Lola are now chains? egads.

    And I presume Dunkin Donuts made your list of coffee shops. Nationally, Dunkin Donuts is pretty close to Starbucks, in terms of numbers of stores. Obviously not in AZ at this point, but they are sure trying to increase their numbers.

  2. Maybe the word “chain” wasn’t right – better would just be “shops with two or more locations.” There.

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