Press Release: I am pleased to announce that Arizona Coffee has been sold to Starbucks Corporation. The deal went through this morning after a few weeks of negotiation. Starbucks is beginning a nationwide campaign to bring their marketing efforts to a local level. Starting in California, Nevada, and Arizona Starbucks Corporation is beginning a campaign called “We’re Local, We’re Your Friends, We’re Starbucks.”

The campaign gets started officially today.

Starting this afternoon this web site will officially begin forwarding to and all references to the former owner will be taken out back and beaten with a long stick, after being printed on recycled paper.

When asked, Chris Tingom only had this comment: “April Fools!”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Got me dude. I tought you sold out. How much did they offer you anyway?

  2. LOL. You and the Clover boys…

  3. hb

    LOL. . . This was extremely funny.

  4. Todd


    Oh, wait – it’s a joke! You had me going there. I was getting worried!!

    ‘’ HA!

  5. George

    I had to search to find it. I knew you would not miss the day.

  6. Jaime

    I apologize for all the names I was calling you before I arrived at the end of the note (gag).


  7. Pierce/Bear

    Unless Arizona Coffee acquires Starbucks instead :p

  8. Awesome April Fools joke! It sounded so convincing!