Just about three weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Martha Raymond and Mike Trevino from The Coffee Vein in Tucson. We recorded a podcast and here it is along with some photos I took during the trip. I will be doing a full write up shortly on The Coffee Vein, with more pictures.

The Coffee Vein is doing a great job serving coffee. They’re raising the bar very high and have a real passion for coffee quality. While we were there we asked Mike Trevino to prepare some macchiato’s for us. Hands down it was the best macchiato I have ever had. Look below for a photo.

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more…


Download the MP3. (14:37) 13.3 MB

Show notes: Opening music… The Coffee Song by Bob Dorough, The Coffee Vein web site, MySpace Coffee Vein.

It’s a landmark… note the cool heart illustration on the front behind the sign.

Martha Raymond.

Martha Raymond talks about coffee while Mike Trevino prepares a macchiato.



An espresso shot prepared by Mike Trevino.

Mike Trevino.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Nice interview!

    Tucson is very fortunate to have them. They are a cafe that has it all! Excellent barista skills, super high quality beverages and products combined with great customer service, all served up with a true passion and care for what they do.

    A shop that can go “toe to toe” with the best in the Northwest!

  2. Charlie

    This is my chance to pay tribute to one of Tucson’s Treasures. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it now, “Coffee Vein’s Mike Trevino is one of a kind. He reads the machine, the coffee, the weather, and he makes all the right calls, Perfect espresso!”
    I ‘ve also said, “Mike could turn water to wine, and wine to coffee,” and I’m sticking by that too! Congratulations to the coffee Vein!

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  4. Eric

    I love Martha, so this interview is gold!

  5. MARTHA!!!!! Been soo long. You still look 14. 🙂 18 years fly by so fast.