I had the pleasure of visiting 6th Street Cafe in Tucson. It is a coffee shop and custard shop that has been open a little bit less than a year. They’re right next to the University of Arizona campus, and have free wireless internet.

Bill Gray, the manager, is trying to re-create the italian style espresso bar using latte art techniques, and combining the concept with frozen custard (Freddezza). Bill has 12 years specialty coffee experience, is a member of SCAA, and taught espresso extracting at the 2000 SCAA conference in Philadelphia.

Thanks Bill, for the opportunity to visit your shop.


Download the MP3. (9:11) 8.4 MB

Show notes: Opening music… The Coffee Song by Bob Dorough, 6th Street Cafe web site, SCAA Conference.

The outside of the shop, which is inside of a larger building.

Bill Gray prepares a drink.

Cups on top of the espresso machine.

The 6th Street Cafe custard is truly amazing.

The Custard Espresso blend – quite good.

Interior view of the 6th Street Cafe shop.

The menu board.

Neat sign.

A creative use of empty wall space.

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  1. Great job!

    I would like to point out that 6th Street Cafe now uses Rocket Coffee Roasters DarkStar espresso blend for all their espresso and espresso based beverages as well as a propietary “House Blend” for brewed coffee specially formulated for them by Rocket Coffee Roasters. You can also purchase Rocket Coffee Roasters whole beans including single origins, espresso blends and the “House Blend” at 6th Street Cafe.

    The custard is incredible and Bill is right, the custard blended with espresso rocks!

    Tucson is quickly becoming a real specialty coffee town!

  2. Carrie

    Nice interview! We follow your travels closely and have enjoyed the road reports!

    I for one am very happy that 6th St. went with a new coffee roaster – I went in a few times when they first opened and while the custard was outstanding, the coffee left a lot to be desired….so I really had not gone back in quite awhile until last week when my Mom was in town and we went in for custard – the coffee smelled so good I had to give it a try — I honestly don’t think I have ever had better tasting coffee in my whole life – it was phenomenal – it was their new coffee!!!

  3. This is great news! Thanks for the additional information.

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