Later in April I’ll be making a weekend trip to Los Angeles. It’s been about a year since my last trip, but this time I’ll have more time to visit coffee shops, and the beach! What are some of the must visits for a coffee fan in Los Angeles, and the surrounding area?

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  1. Lamill Silverlake/Intelly Silverlake.It’s worth visiting Intelly in Venice Beach…cool layout. There is a new one called CoffeeBar downtown LA.

  2. Agree with Steve.

    All 3 Intelligentsias: Silverlake, Venice, and Pasadena (beer + wine + food at Pasadena!)

    CoffeeBar in downtown L.A. is a cool scene and have some amazing roasters to try.

    LAMILL too. I’m going to have to email you a list of some really good and interesting eats later on.

  3. stephen

    Agree with both previous recommendations of LAMILL and Intelligentsia.

    However, my favorite in the LA area is Caffe Luxxe.

    Have been to the Brentwood Country Mart and Santa Monica locations. Coffee is outstanding but also a very strong lineup of baked goods and other artisinal foods.

    If you get over Pasadena way, I highly recommend Jameson Brown coffee as well. While Luxxe has a ‘euro’ vibe going on, Jameson is more of a straight shot of American coffee roasting.

  4. Adrienne

    Intelligentsia is an excellent place to go to. Klatch coffee is another I would check out. Have a fun trip.

  5. stephen

    Wow, never heard of Coffee Klatch, Adrienne. But after checking out some reviews online, looks like Klatch has some serious chops. Plus, San Dimas and Rancho Cucamonga – who knew!? Defintely have to give them a try next time I travel west. Thanks!

  6. Psyd

    Klatch is the home of USBC Champion Heather Perry (and WBC Runner up, snagging the ‘best espresso’ in the competition), so probably something not to be missed. While Intelly has sent a number of competitors to the USBC and brought back some wins, not a lot of them from the Cali shops yet. Mostly Chicago.
    Still worth the trip, though.
    Downtown, ‘Spring for Coffee’, and ‘CoffeeBar’.
    Both on the 600 blk of Spring St., and you can sample Verve coffees, Stumptown, Ritual, and Vivace within walking distance. They’re pulled on a Slayer at CoffeeBar.

  7. stephen

    So, Chris. . . find anything interesting in the LA area, coffee-wise?

  8. Yeah! I went to Intelligentsia Venice Beach – post coming soon.