If you’re on the go with your cell phone and just want a list of coffee shops nearby, look no further than www.arizonacoffeemap.com, the newest addition to the Arizona Coffee web site! Now you can visually see the closest independent coffee shops.

This is in addition to our great list of coffee shops which is updated constantly.

In the future, I will update each listing to indicate whether they have free wireless internet.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. jason

    I didn’t see caffe luce on the map

  2. Great use of Google’s My Maps feature. I never thought of assigning a domain name to a custom map, but it makes sense.

  3. Jason, I can’t find Caffe Luce on the map using Google’s search feature. I’ll see if I can manually add them.

    Silverbear, yeah! I know, I hadn’t thought of it until today either. It proves a rather useful tool though. I could see if you were thinking about opening a coffee shop, it would be handy to know where other shops were located (although I’m missing all of the chains).

  4. Pierce/Bear

    Me likey!

    Job well done there; Chris! 🙂

  5. Karen m.

    i love this!

  6. Stephen

    Chris, the Seattle Espresso(s) at Elliot Rd. closed in early March.

    Also, the Coffee Crickett has changed names and ownership to Ground Central. The phone number and address are the same.

  7. jason

    it’s a good thing all the chains are missing!

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  9. Yeah, great job, Chris! One other one I noticed that wasn’t on the map (just as an fyi) was Grinders in Sunnyslope (Central/Dunlop).


  10. Izz

    Maybe I just have a lot of time on my hands, but it looks like for Seattle Espresso there are two listed on Val Vista with the exact same address, but different locations on the map.

  11. Chris

    Pony Espresso in Wickenburg. Not the greatest espresso in the state, but the only place between PHX and Las Vegas that’s worth the stop. Decent food and ice cream, too!
    223 E Wickenburg Way
    (928) 684-0208
    Oh,and is there any plans in the works to rate the espresso available at any of these places? Not necessarily a hundred point one-ten scale, but maybe four points, i.e. 0= as good as dispenser machine, 1= as good as Circle K, 2= as good as Starbucks, 3= real espresso, 4= real great espress0?

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