I just read this article about how a new Starbucks is set to open on the ASU West campus (47th Avenue and West Thunderbird Road). According to faculty, up until now there wasn’t a coffee house directly on the campus and so students didn’t “stick around.”

I wonder if they even approached the local community about an independent coffee shop. Besides a seasonal slowdown, it might have been a perfect chance to get a local name in there.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Rebecca

    The ASU Main campus is also overrun by Starbuckses, all of which serve up utterly mediocre coffee. There are also several coffeeshops on campus run by a guy named Charlie, but it seems like all of the stands cater to crowds that are more concerned about getting caffeine into their bloodstreams than enjoying a nice cappuccino. I’m not sure what kind of arrangement ASU has with Starbucks, but it’s annoying because they consistently churn out disgusting drinks, and quality control of any sort is nonexistent.

  2. Bill

    No doubt Charbucks offered ASU absurd amounts of money in rent for the location. Let’s remember that the highest commercial paid to date in Maricopa County is for a fairly weak ‘bucks location. They are known for tossing down absurd rents to keep the indys out.

  3. alex

    I AM an ASU student at the west campus… and i love the idea. If you only knew how much so many of us are looking foward to having it on campus… i’m getting all twitchy thinking about it. If someone doesn’t like Starbucks coffee, that’s totally cool; some people like chocolate and some like vanilla–but keep in mind that most of us don’t mind it as much. I for one have dreams that i’m hooked up to a Caramel Frappuccino (spelling?) via IV… yum. 😉