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Black River Coffee

A light-medium roast coffee with lots of bold flavors. Could be a good daily drinker, as it’s smooth and nutty. Almost a walnut taste, perhaps.

Sonoita Coffee Roasters

I had a conversation with Ben de la Garza and Taylor Benjamin de la Garza (brothers) from Sonoita Coffee Roasters a few weeks ago and came away with these interesting tidbits. The company officially began in 2016, and was acquired by Ben and his wife Jessica in 2018 The founder of the company began roasting as

Loving Labor Coffee Co.

This week, I have been drinking coffee from Loving Labor Coffee Co., a coffee roaster based in the Tucson area. They are fairly new, and sent me a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to try. This coffee is really good, and smooth, with all of the rich strong flavors I’ve come to love in a good Yirgacheffe.

Dark Skies in Bali, Barrel aged Coffee Beans

I’ve been drinking this coffee every day this week from Ground Control in Litchfield Park. Very good and highly suggested. Medium roasted Indonesian coffee with a very smooth taste. This coffee is barrel aged which is definitely unique, as you don’t see that very often. Berry and citrus flavors, a bit of a smoky flavor.

Blue House Coffee’s Cold Brew Delivery

Want cold brew coffee delivered to your door? Check out Blue House Coffee and their local delivery service. Really great tasting and nice smooth cold brew. Blue House Coffee started in 2012 and they’ve expended to delivery for both coffee beans and cold-brew. Very good, and I’m a big fan! Good for home, and office,

How you can support your local coffee shops and roasters

All local coffee shops in Arizona are currently handling a crisis like no other. How can you support your local coffee house or coffee roaster this year? Here are a few ways. Order take out. Many coffee shops are offering curbside pick up of coffee drinks and food… just give them a phone call, and

People in Coffee: Lost Dutchman Coffee

Today, I’m pleased to bring you this interview with Victor Kessler, the owner and operator at Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters. Victor manages both a coffee roasting company, and a coffee shop in Mesa. I’ve known Victor Kessler since 2007 when we met at a barista jam down in Tucson. Enjoy! Your Background Q. What sparked

Four Coffee

I’ve visited Four Coffee a number of times over the past year or two. It is a small coffee shop / coffee roaster. The roasting arm can be found under Fourtillfour, the parent company which also has a Porsche club. Every first Saturday, they host a monthly meeting of vintage Porsches. They all find a

Roadrunner Coffee in Tucson

I received an email from Darren Mills. He is the new owner of Roadrunner Coffee Co. in Tucson. He wrote in to share what’s new, saying: Honestly, just about everything has been improved! New ownership has been there 10 months. To name a few changes: We have re-branded, partnered with a local coffee roaster who

Amped Coffee

Last weekend our family was driving north up to Flagstaff and we got delayed due to an accident on the I-17. We backtracked to a new coffee place in Anthem called Amped Coffee. Amped Coffee is new, only opening about a month ago. They feature coffee beverages, and also meeting spaces, and a stage for

Bulletproof Coffee

So I have been doing the Keto diet now for over a year. If you are not familiar with it, it’s another one of those low-carb diets but in this case you focus on high fat foods. One of the things I’ve learned to love is bulletproof coffee. Now I understand some company has trademarked

Cappuccino from Tempe Public Market Cafe

On Saturday, our family hopped in the car and made the trek to the brand new Tempe Pubic Market Cafe. We tried the coffee, and the food. Both were great. The cappuccino was really good, and my wife had the almond milk mocha which I tried as well. They are serving coffee from Presta Coffee.

Cartel Coffee Lab in Phoenix

Cartel’s downtown location is currently closed for renovation, but here’s a little review I wrote up recently and wanted to share. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Cartel’s downtown location is that there’s a huge red chandelier hanging really low. So low, in fact, that it is almost touching the floor. Around

Coffee Run: Phoenix

Here’s a look at some of the cool people in the Phoenix coffee community. There are interviews with people from Cartel Coffee Lab, Provision Coffee, Ocotillo Coffee Bar, and Be Coffee.

Regroup Coffee & Bicycles

There’s a new coffee shop in Scottsdale that has just opened called Regroup Coffee & Bicycles. As the name suggests, it is both a bicycle shop and a coffee house. The coffee side is exceptionally cool, and has a very clean interior, and some great equipment. Check out the Slayer Espresso machine! I’m fairly certain


Cultured is a modern coffeehouse located in Flagstaff, AZ. The coffee company was founded by two bicyclists who met while riding across the country. Inside there are beautifully painted murals depicting the beautiful birch trees of Flagstaff and bicycling. It’s very pretty, and gives significant life to the walls. I ordered the Nitro cold brew

Northern Arizona Barista Jam

Indian Gardens will be hosting its 2nd annual Barista Jam and Latte Art Throwdown Thursday, October 13th. A Facebook Event has been set up where you can register for the free event. The event will be held from 5pm – 9pm (free and open to the public). Indian Gardens Cafe & Market 3951 N. State Route 89a


I kept hearing about Fourtillfour from friends asking if I had checked it out — I finally have! Fourtillfour is a small coffee house located in Old Town Scottsdale. Fourtillfour officially opened in January, The tagline under the shop name reads, “Coffee ‘N Cars” and you’ll notice a cool Porsche theme inside the shop. There

Kream Coffee

I finished up a meeting downtown on Friday, and stopped in at the fairly new Kream Coffee on Central Avenue. It is located just north of Camelback Road, inside a modern furniture store called For The People. Really nice place, and great people! Kream Coffee is serving up coffees from a variety of roasters, including:

Boss Coffee

I joined a friend and went to check out the new Boss Coffee that has recently opened in Scottsdale. We visited on a weekday in April, just before the weather turned warm. Boss Coffee has a fantastic patio that overlooks the valley. I’m planning a return trip again soon just so I can sit there

Tourist Home Urban Market

While in Flagstaff recently we were looking for a place that serves a good lunch along with coffee. We found The Tourist Home Urban Market and decided to check it out. I’m glad we did! It was one of our favorite stops in Flagstaff, and an exceptionally cool place to dine. They have toddy coffee

Presta Coffee: Barista Olympics

Perry Czopp sent me the following announcement about an upcoming event being held at Presta Coffee in Tucson. Presta is turning 1! In celebration of the milestone we are inviting everyone to participate in the Barista Olympic Games. There will be 6 competitions encompassing skills required of coffee nerds. We are working with some great

Latte Art Throwdown on April 8th

Hosted by Press Coffee Roasters

Press Coffee is hosting a Latte Art Throwdown on Friday, April 8, 2016. The event will be hosted at the new Press Coffee Roastery at 4844 S. 40th St., in Phoenix. The entry fee is $5 for all competing baristas, and you should sign up by 6:45 pm on April 8th. The event is free

Wild Iris Coffee House in Prescott

One of my favorite coffee shops in Prescott is the Wild Iris Coffee House. Located just one block to the west of the downtown center square, Wild Iris Coffee House has been open for about 9 years now. I’ve visited a number of times over the years, and each time been pleased. They have a bit

Throwdown in Cave Creek

The Roastery of Cave Creek (ROC2) is hosting a throwdown at their roastery on February 27, 2016. The event is being managed by 1912 Coffee. The event will be from 6-10 pm on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Registration begins at 6 pm and ends at 7 pm. The event has a $5 entry fee (for

Press Coffee in Scottsdale

Press Coffee at Scottsdale Quarter continues to be one of my most frequent stops for coffee. Perhaps because it is only five minutes drive from my home, but also because it’s one of the best coffee shops in the state. They sell coffee and espresso drinks, tea, and food. They have an amazingly friendly staff.

51 West

I had a meeting in Tempe recently and afterwords I stopped in to visit 51 West. Think of 51 West as half music venue and half coffee shop. I stopped in around 2 pm, and the place was empty except for a few customers that wandered in over the next hour. I sat down at

Coffee Gift Guide

I’ve wanted to write a gift guide for a few years now, and finally have the time to start one! If you’re looking for some last minute ideas for gifts this Christmas, consider some of these items. Toddy T2N Cold Brew System The original toddy brewing system for home use. Features an all-plastic design that

Sedona Barista Jam & Thursday Night Throwdown!

There’s an upcoming event happening the evening of December 3rd that sounds like fun! What: Barista Jam & Thursday Night Throwdown! Hosted at: Indian Gardens at Oak Creek Market in Sedona When: Thursday, December 3rd from 5pm – 9pm – Free I received an email from Dylan Jung about the event, and he sent along some

The Bullet Proof Coffee at Village Coffee Roastery

Village Coffee Roastery is one of the oldest coffee shops in Arizona. Village Coffee serves coffee and espresso drinks, as well as breakfast, and lunch options all day. They have a variety of muffins, cookies, and other pastries. Village Coffee is located on the north west corner of Hayden Rd. and Via de Ventura in

Lola Cofee

On Friday I had a meeting directly across the street from Lola Coffee. I had to stop in and see what is new. Lola Coffee is tucked in with a few other restaurants and shops at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Roosevelt. They’re nestled inside a brick building and share a patio with Pita

Rendezvous in Flagstaff

On Saturday morning we packed up the kids and headed to Flagstaff for the weekend. We wanted to see some of the fall colors in the trees. We ended up at the Arizona Snowbowl Lodge and took the lift all the way to the top. They told us to expect sleet and rain. Only five

Roastery of Cave Creek Doesn’t Compromise

There’s a big sign hanging in the roastery that says “Don’t Compromise.” On a recent trip to Cave Creek I stopped in at ROC2 to check out the roasting operation. ROC2 stands for The Roastery of Cave Creek, which is a distinguished coffee roasting company owned and operated by David Anderson. Video interview Watch my


Have a great day everyone! National Coffee Day was a fun day for me! I personally only visited one shop that day, which was Press Coffee. I had a meeting that say, and took the opportunity to visit and conduct my meeting there.

Tempe Coffee Shops

Where are the best coffee shops in Tempe? In recent years the number of coffee shops in Tempe has exploded! There are lots of new entrants to the market. I thought I would provide a quick summary of the new and old coffee shops. Cartel Coffee Lab 225 W University Dr #101, Tempe, AZ 85281

Iced Toddy from Sip Coffee & Beer House

We took the kids down to Sip Coffee & Beer House on a recent Sunday afteroon. These warm summer days are a bother, and we are always looking for a good excuse to get out of the house! There’s a nice big couch at Sip Coffee located to your left when you walk in the

Breakfast and Coffee at Altitude Coffee Lab

Ever have that feeling where you’ve just spent an hour cleaning the kitchen and don’t feel like doing any more dishes? That happened to me, so we went out to coffee and breakfast! We ended up at Altitude Coffee Lab over in Scottsdale, AZ. We often end up here, probably due to the proximity to

King Coffee

The other day I was having a business lunch at Thai Elephant in Tempe and decided to get coffee after my meeting. I had heard about this new coffee shop called King Coffee and decided to check it out! King Coffee is a micro-coffee shop located on Mill Ave. just across the street from Gammage

Jobot Coffee

I noticed something called the “Sunrise” on the menu at Jobot, and thinking of myself as some sort of Andrew Zimmern of the food world, I ordered it. You should, too! If you like orange juice with espresso shots. I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “that’s a lot of acidic taste, does that work?”

Nitro Coffee in AZ

Nitro coffee is the newest trend in coffee drinks, and it’s hitting the valley this year. It’s so popular, even Buzz Feed did an article about it. I have a sense that Nitro will remain an exclusive drink in the valley. I’ve asked a few coffee shops if they’ll be serving Nitro, and several either didn’t

Press Coffee Updates Scottsdale Store

Press Coffee has undertaken a major update and rebranding at their Scottsdale Quarter location. They were doing construction for two days last week and reopened with new floors, walls, and equipment. They updated nearly everything in the store and it’s fresh and new. As you can see from my photo, they have new wood paneling

Lo Fi Coffee

Note: Lo Fi Coffee has closed. I had the good pleasure to visit Lo Fi Coffee in Mesa recently. Located on Main Street in the heart of Mesa, Lo Fi is a coffee shop owned and managed by Sam Clark. On the day I arrived, Sam was behind the bar making drinks for customers. In

Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets

Tempe has a lot of really terrific coffee shops. The new Hazelrock Coffee + Sweets in Tempe is a fantastic addition to the line up. The place is huge, too! They have more space than other nearby coffee shops and have capacity for 127 people. Hazelrock Coffee opened up in May, 2015 and occupies the

Maverick Coffee in Scottsdale

Maverick Coffee, the new coffee shop from two Olympic athletes, is now open. Maverick Coffee is a new independent coffee house that is serving Ritual Coffee beans (a popular roaster in San Francisco). The new shop features a pretty big interior layout, and sports lots of comfortable couches. My wife and I, along with our

A couple of coffee shops in St. Louis

I spent the first week of June in St. Louis, MO, and while there I had the chance to visit two coffee shops. When I travel I usually like to try the shops other people recommend, but these ones were a few that I discovered on my own using the Yelp app on my phone.