Since you’re all practically family, I’m excited to introduce my new baby daughter. Her name is Emily Ann Tingom, and she was born on 8/18 and baby and mom are healthy.

I’ve been here at the hospital since Wednesday, and they serve Starbucks (sigh, and they even proclaim to serve it proudly, what does that even mean?), so I’m not even going to give them a review except to say the cafeteria food is way better than I expected and I really want some good coffee.

The other night I got out for a brief visit to get a cappuccino at Liberty Market (and dinner), so I’m doing good but looking forward to my next coffee excursion with my little girl.

Speaking of Liberty Market, check out this sweet photo album with some photos of their food.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    Congratz, bro.
    Lemme know if you need some advice on some home brew kit.
    You’re looking at quite a few mornings where you’re gonna need coffee far sooner than leaving the house…

  2. Congratulations, Chris! Hope everyone is healthy.

  3. Blessings Chris, now you get to be enjoy the honor of being a dad. It’s an amazing feeling even though sleeping is not on the menu often, so I bet that lots of extra blogging in the middle of the night will come handy.

  4. Mark

    Welcome to fatherhood!

  5. Chris, congrats buddy! Have a great time with her. I heard it a million times but it feels like Tuker was born yesterday and tomorrow he turns 1.

  6. Chris & Jana,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been twitter quiet and quiet on here about it due to privacy, but you’re right….we’re all family and we sure are excited for you guys. Let us know how we can help you as it takes a community to raise a child….and the coffee community is pretty dang amazing! Take care kids!

  7. Pierce/Bear

    Wow, congratulations there, Chris. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the new single shot of espresso in your life!

  9. I already said congrats on Google+ but I like blogs better. So, congrats again!