A friend let me know about Bags & Beans (7003 N. 58th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301, Phone 623-847-2423) which is a somewhat new coffee shop with a bag business in the same store (hence the name). I understand it’s worth a visit to Glendale just to see this store.

The description I received: An incredible coffee experience, dedicated to serving the highest quality coffee and espresso beverages. They exclusively use Rocket Coffee Roasters coffee and espresso in all their offerings as well as sell it by the pound.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Interesting that they use Rocket Coffee Roasters. I was there in the spring and they were using Papa Perk’s for their roasting.


    We discovered that Rocket Coffee was a much better blend with an absolute freshness quality that we could not pass up, hence the switch. We feel we serve the best coffee in town(thanks to Rocket Coffee). I also drip coffee for the the person who is willing to wait a couple of minutes more for a really great tasting cup of coffee. Hope to see you soon at Bags & Beans

  3. Beth

    Definately Worth The Visit!

    After reading about Bags & Beans here I decided to stop in this past weekend – I thoroughly enjoyed a great espresso, smooth and slightly sweet and I followed that up with a granita for the road! The granita is so good I’m sure its a cardinal sin, but the flavor was there right ’til the last drop!

  4. Hi Beth, thanks for the feedback! That really is good to hear. Next time I am out that way I’ll definately stop in.