It’s an old trick up in the northwest, but now Arizona has it’s own bikini-clad baristas at Barista Cafe. You won’t find me there, but I’ve had enough people ask me about it to warrant a post. For better coffee, wander down the street a little to any number of excellent coffee houses.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. BCE

    Those actually look more like “sports bras.” So, I think “bikini-clad” is a little misleading.

  2. Aaron

    Some of us like Women, and coffee… and in that order 😉

  3. MyKey A

    let’s not forget Baristas in Fountain Hills.. another new one with that same heavy-handed low-brow “charm”

  4. steve

    Franke Super Automatic espresso machine….and you call your coffee bar “barista” ….really. Coffee and ladies are fine….but dont degrade a true skill with folks that are truly experienced in coffee.

  5. Pierce/Bear

    One reason I DO like coffeehouses is their ‘low testosterone’ vibe; if I want to deal with guys/gals acting badly, I’d go elsewhere……… a bar. Trust me; I like women as much as the next Straight guy but still……….

  6. Heidi

    Oh wow. That is pretty disgusting. Some of those girls look so young. If you want to see that kind of trashy low class crap, go to a strip club pervs.

  7. Keith

    Why do people think they need to use scantily clad women to sell things? It is really getting old and the shock value is gone. People that come up with ideas to please everyone are the ones that succeed. We’ve had enough of idiots trying to satisfy perverts.

  8. Mykey

    So, the old CoffeeWizard .. turned into the Donut Wizard.. and now…
    it’s a Baristaz. Like the one in Fountain Hills, right off the 87.
    Can the local barista community get together and do a sit-in, a car-wash across the street, or something to dissuade people from getting in on this bandwagon?

    Let’s keep the gimmicks like this on the outskirts of town.

  9. Marki

    Big deal, they wear bikinis. Other than drive up coffee there isn’t anything different than at any of the million swimming pools pools in the Valley. There’s as much playful sex appeal in Tempe stadium. To the prudes claiming perv and gimmicks? Get over yourself and STFU.