Here’s an idea. I could create a list of baristas that are interested in being available for special events. Sort of a “crew list” for the barista world. If people were throwing a party or catering an event and wanted to have a barista available to prepare drinks, this could be a list that people reference.

The problem is equipment and supplies. But imagine for a minute that that was available. Would you be interested?

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  1. Great idea Chris! As a matter of fact, Rocket Coffee Roasters does have the ability to furnish everything you mentioned in one fell swoop! Of course we have the highest quality locally roasted artisan coffee and espresso blends and also a number of espresso machines and coffee brewing devices that we make available for event rental. If a qualified barista is required, we can meet that need and customize a coffee/espresso program tailored made to fit whatever function you have in mind!

    If this is something you need and or want more info about, please don’t hesitate to give Rocket Coffee Roasters a call @ 602.548.2259

  2. Mike Trevino

    Portable equipment? That’s why the Barista Gods created coffee carts. Propane espresso machines still exist for that reason. The Astoria Gloria manuals can be fitted with a gas kit.
    Would I do it? I don’t know. The pay would have to be great because the tips, I’m sure, would be crap. What kind of parties are we talking here, AA parties. I’m sure we’d be lonely Baristas at a regular party with the regular bartender doing great business.
    My $.02.

  3. Chris, you’re on to something Bro! I think this is a niche that has yet to be explored. You have Craigslist and Myzoox which sets up places for individuals looking to be hired on for various services, yet a Barista specific site would be something that might just be very successful. Just think of Jason over at who is out and about trying to advertise for his catering service, this would be a great thing for him to utilize if you could help spread the word through such a list or dedicated website.

  4. Very good thoughts Trevino, but please bear in mind propane fitted equipment brings to many inherent problems, the least being temp stability. The majority of “coffee carts” are now retrofitted with the capacity of 220v or now 110v service, dependent on the need. This comes from experience.

    As far as “pay” is concerned for the barista manning the event, it is a flat rate, and the pay for first rate baristi, should be more than what is accustomed to in a regular shop environment. With or without tips.

    You are right, an AA social event would not bring out the biggest tippers but if you are a “hired-hand” for a super high quality coffee roasting company such as Rocket Coffee Roasters, we wouldn’t put you in such an environment. Our focus is on the quality of espresso/coffee provided along with the incredible coffee and espresso experience that the end consumer will have. That is why only the “best of the best baristi” could or even would be considerd for such an event. Focusing on the coffee, you would have to be an ambassador for the type of coffee we make available. This is a highly specialized area of the ever increasing specialty coffee market and one that should be taken quite seriously.

    All in all, it’s just another thing, related to another thing that has to do with another thing, but if all these vague “things’ can be brought together in one cohesive delivery device, it can be an amazing “thing”, which people will pay dearly for!

  5. steve kessler

    Great points! I think something like this could be huge if done right and with the right people. This is a classic example of the right people and creative marketing creating a niche in the marketplace.

  6. Approx. what would be the fee for an service like this? Picture a 4 – 6 hr time frame, like a wedding reception, or a banquet. Also include the cost for drinks prepared.

  7. It’s really not as simple as that. However if the planets were aligned, drink menu correctto, location close, utilities in place and a kiss and promise of a good time, I would guestimate around $1000.00

    Of course there will be folks who can do it for less! I have been overheard to say…,”anyone with $2.00, a can opener and a bucket of hot water will be able to serve coffee” which unfortunatley has a smack of truth.

    When in doubt, ask your server where the particular coffee your drinking came from, if they don’t know, chances are you don’t want to drink it.

  8. MikeFTrevino

    Yeah, I didn’t think about temp stability issues. 110v machines aren’t too hot in that area also from my limited knowledge. Those are much more portable, and the propane even more-so, than 220v which aren’t cheap to hook-up. If you had a contracted electrician or one on the payroll for that sole purpose, you could have a high quality machine online for a decent price. I say decent, but it’ll still cost a bit to hook up.

  9. Stephen

    All I know is:

    I’d be down for some moonlighting just for the experience.

    Besides, then I’d feel kind of like an espresso hitman being hired for job after job…meh.

  10. I’ve been hired as a once-a-week novelty before. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’d much rather have a stable home (read: brick n mortar shop) than be an espresso hitman.

  11. That is what I do for a living — Cafe Evoke Coffee Catering. We love it. There are many things you have to get around and also realize you do not have control over. Once you get there, it is a blast and good money. bold

  12. Heather

    Last night, I attended a wedding whereby, the coffee was just regular brewed, nothing special! So, this morning, it dawned on me. Why not hire a Barista to make coffee drinks at weddings, special events or holiday parties. These drinks could even include a bit of alcohol, or not. I feel this would be great for all party goers, even the kids! What kid wouldn’t want a yummy hot chocolate with whip?!

  13. kim

    yes, in fact that’s why I just googled baristas for hire, to see if there was such a thing for my daughter’s wedding reception.

  14. Melissa

    Looking for a Batista for my sisters wedding in Peoria, AZ. I like for them to have a portable table. The wedding is in March. If anyone knows anyone please email me.

    • Steve

      Do you have a budget Melissa? You contact me @presscoffee