Updated May 2, 2016

If you are looking to become a barista, here are a couple of people you might look into contacting for training and advice:

Perry Czopp: http://www.thecoffeechop.com/services/

Dan Suh: http://provisioncoffee.com/

IBCA: http://ibca-usa.com/

Weekly coffee round table (call Ron Cortez): http://www.cafecortez.com/

Alex Leiphart: http://www.alexleiphart.com/

Seth Mills: https://twitter.com/sethmills

Stephanie Haworth: https://twitter.com/steph_haworth

Espressions: http://www.espressions.com/barista_training_events.php

Also, if you get in touch with a local roaster, they can usually help or make recommendations.

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  1. Elyse

    Hi, I am a local in Phoenix that is looking to eventually start a small restaurant/coffee shop of my own. i have a degree in the management and food side of things and have worked in several environments, but I would love to know more about coffee and the creative process of it since that is one thing I lack.
    I am wondering if there are classes in the valley periodically that are just about coffee.


    • Cartel Coffee just announced a $15 Brewing Class Starting March 29. Call them, perhaps.

  2. Ranilo Garcia

    I’m interested to learn more about coffee, I had a coffee shop and right now I’m relying on our staff. What is your next course? How much does it cost and how long is the course