After hearing good things from Psyd in the forums I had to try the Belladora from The Nine Bar. We’ve finished it all up here at the office and really enjoyed it. It has a really great taste. A strong flavor that’s in no way overpowering. I’ve been drinking a lot of light roast coffee lately and really surprised how much I enjoyed the medium roast. Next I’m going to try the bold roast.

I’m finding I’m actually really, really bad at describing the way things taste. Otherwise I’d have a go! Lots of people are able to describe coffee taste in terms of what other natural foods they taste in the product. Sure, I can do that to an extent, but not nearly as good as someone like Gary in this video.

Overall: Impressed and just ordered some more.

The Nine Bar Coffee Roasting Company
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Phone: (602) 316-6131

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  1. The more you taste coffees, the better you’ll get at describing them. I’m sure you’ve gathered that already. Its good to go into tasting a coffee with the mind frame that you are doing just that….analyzing it!!

  2. Seriously Chris, you have MET gary vaynerchuck. Take some of his tips. Eat some socks.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Flavor nuances can be very subjective, differing sometimes completely from person to person. The flavor color wheel that you posted above is a great tool when searching for that “name” of that taste/feel/experience you get. I’ve even made sounds that correlate with the total “experience”-kinda crazy I know, but that is the beauty of this marvelous drink we all enjoy. Enjoy!!!